VC Analyst @ LDV Capital in New York, NY

LDV Capital (Linkedin, Crunchbase) is looking for an Analyst to join our team for 2 years to help us identify, analyze and evaluate opportunities to invest in deep technical founders. You will be a major contributor to all aspects of an investment from market research, due diligence and supporting our portfolio companies. 

As part of our investment team you’ll help us make sure that we see all relevant deals by proactively finding startups, reviewing incoming leads, building great relationships with various stakeholders in the visual tech ecosystem and helping maintain and develop our global brand, reputation and platform. Consider an Analyst role at LDV Capital as one of the fastest ways to learn, build your network, and advance your career.

We are open to candidates ranging from recent college graduates to candidates with a graduate degree (though formal degrees are not required) and/or several years of relevant work experience. It is definitely a plus if you have technical knowledge in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and/or machine learning. 

We are recruiting for this position using an open process but it is always great if you can find a way to connect to us through your network. We believe the quality of your work as it is reflected in your dialogue with others, online and in-person, is an important indicator of your potential than any traditional credential.

Be patient with us as we sort through all of the incoming applications, we want to thoroughly review all potential candidates. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

LDV Capital, based near Union Square in Manhattan, invests in people building Visual Technology businesses who leverage technology to entertain, increase efficiency, and solve problems. We work with deep technical teams who are leveraging computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. LDV portfolio companies have raised follow-on capital from Sequoia, Union Square Ventures, NEA and other top tier funds.  

The Role:

  • This analyst position is a two-year role based in NYC
  • Perform market research and due diligence for potential investments, which could entail financial or web-analytics modeling, or testing products and services
  • Meet with entrepreneurs who have started businesses LDV may be interested in investing in
  • Work with LDV portfolio companies, including research projects, competitor analysis, valuation work, and attending board meetings
  • Design and execute projects of your own direction that help LDV and/or our portfolio companies
  • Identify, research and report on new visual tech markets and trends 
  • Help organize and attend industry events representing LDV
  • Reporting to our investors, which includes helping value our investments, writing quarterly updates, and packaging the material for our investors

The Requirements:

  • Deep understanding of the ecosystem of technology (bonus – deep knowledge of visual tech). You can understand and talk credibly about visual tech innovations with entrepreneurs and investors
  • A genuine passion for technology and startups, an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to learn
  • Strong diligence skills. Ability to quickly evaluate the key questions, risks or upside to an opportunity, prioritize and execute diligence to flesh out these issues
  • Strong financial analysis skills. You will be able to dive quickly into a business plan or financial model, identify and judge key drivers or vulnerabilities
  • Adept communicator with a network of individuals who think highly of you – you’ll be often talking to entrepreneurs and investors on behalf of LDV
  • Ability to prioritize and pay attention to detail under time pressure
  • Strong drive and the ability to self-direct – your work and time is open-ended by nature and you must be able to identify and execute on opportunities to contribute to the team with little, if any, management or direction
  • Digital dexterity – comfortable working with datasets and online tools
  • Entrepreneurial/ operating experience is a plus
  • Prior computer vision, machine learning or programming experience is a plus
  • Must have the ability to work in the US

The Benefits:

  • Ownership of your own projects
  • Interact and learn from venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technologists
  • Introduction to a network of investors, startups, and serial entrepreneurs in New York, Silicon Valley and Europe
  • Learn how companies are conceived, built, funded and exited
  • Salary $50,000


If interested, please apply here.

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