VC Analyst @ Illinois Ventures in Chicago, IL

The system office seeks a Visiting Analyst to engage in fulfilling the purpose of the Company.  Specifically, this purpose is to support the operations and investment activity of Illinois VENTURES, which provides startup and early-stage venture financing for companies derived from technology originated or developed by faculty, staff, students and/or alumni of the University of Illinois System. 

The Visiting Analyst will support the efforts of the CEO & Managing Director and/or the Senior Director to promote these objectives.  The position may be located in either Chicago or Champaign, Illinois.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assist in screening and analyzing proposals from seed and early-stage companies seeking venture capital investments from IllinoisVENTURES and the Illinois Emerging Technologies Funds.
  • Assist in developing due diligence packages for funding opportunities and create funding memos. 
  • Participate in due diligence including customer and management references, market sizing and mapping, and industry research.
  • Provide leadership and supervision for student led initiatives at IllinoisVENTURES including fellowship programs and student team projects.
  • Maintain information on investment prospects in a CRM system to help the IllinoisVENTURES identify and manage opportunities and report on its activity.
  • Create and maintain appropriate reports and data on the IllinoisVENTURES portfolio and activities.
  • Develop and maintain presentation materials for the Organization. This includes developing and refining presentation themes, data gathering and synthesis, and constructing professional presentation materials.
  • If located on the Chicago campus, responsible for the Proof of Concept Program in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Technology Management. 
  • Other duties as assigned appropriate for a Visiting Analyst.

Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in business, science or engineering with one to three years of relevant experience.  Other required qualifications include: a general understanding of early-stage venture finance and excellent and oral communications skills.  Advanced scientific, technical or business degree and experience working with technologies and/or early-stage companies preferred.


If interested, please apply here.

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