VC Analyst @ Green Shoots Capital in Mumbai, India

We are looking to hire a candidate who can assess startups and facilitate investment decisions. 

CTC offering:

  • 3 Lakh-5Lakh/ p.a depending on knowledge and experience

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant industry
  • 1-year work experience in private equity, venture capital, AIF

The role would include examining the pitch decks, creating teasers,  studying the relevant industry and creating a report, interacting with the promoters and carry out in-depth analysis of the proposals before presenting the opportunities before the investment committee.

An ideal candidate would be someone who can extensively review and analyze startup/business proposals. They should be able to comprehend the viability and profitability of any startup, both in the short and long term. After the candidate has assessed the business models for feasibility and returns on investments, he/she will present their own opinions/recommendations for investments. 

Moreover,  consulting startups and business development activities where appropriate will be a part of the job.

The role would also include some administrative and management functions. 


If interested, please apply here.


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