VC Analyst @ Finch Capital in Amsteram, Netherlands

The Polish analyst position at Finch Capital is a two-year role based in Amsterdam.

 As an analyst at Finch Capital, you’ll learn what the venture capital business is about and gain insight into many fascinating technology startups. Our past analysts have launched a seed fund, joined one of our portfolio companies, joined another venture firm and worked on their own start-up.  The ideal candidate would be equally interested in working at a startup as in venture capital. We are open to candidates ranging from soon-to-be college graduates to candidates with a graduate degree and/or several years of relevant work experience.

The primary responsibility of the analyst is to help manage the day-to-day activities of the firm, including:

  • Performing market research and due diligence for potential investments in Poland and the Baltics, which could entail financial or web-analytics modeling, or testing products and services
  • Meeting with entrepreneurs in Poland and the Baltics who have started businesses in which Finch Capital may be interested in investing
  • Reporting for our investors, which includes helping to set companies’ valuations, writing quarterly updates, and packaging the material for our investors
  • Working with FINCH CAPITAL portfolio companies, including research projects, competitor analysis, valuation work, and attending board meetings
  • Designing and executing projects of your own direction that help FINCH CAPITAL and/or our portfolio companies

We’re looking for someone who demonstrates:

  • Deep understanding of the ecosystem of Financial Technology, AI and Security
  • Polish National speaking Polish and with a strong network in Poland and the Baltics 
  • Familiarity with new technologies
  • Strong drive and the ability to self-direct – your work and time is open-ended by nature and you must be able to identify and execute on opportunities to contribute to the team with little, if any, management or direction
  • Strong written and oral communication skills – well-defended opinions are a necessity
  • Strong interpersonal skills – you’ll often be talking to entrepreneurs and other investors on behalf of FINCH CAPITAL
  • Strong organizational skills – you’ll be keeping track of documents for a large portfolio of investments
  • Comfortable in a small, relatively unstructured office environment
  • Comfort modeling in Excel. Ideally, some prior design or programming experience 

If interested, please apply here. 


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