VC Analyst @ Bullpen Capital in San Francisco, CA

Bullpen Capital is hiring a full-time analyst to join the investment team in San Francisco, and we hope you’re ready to brave the Wild West. We’re interested in meeting a broad set of people from a multitude of backgrounds, people who aren’t afraid to override their programming and write their own narratives.

Maybe you did your time in corporate and realized that you couldn’t spend another day trapped in the same story arc. Maybe you considered dropping out of college to work on your startup only to find out that you can’t actually survive on Soylent for the rest of your life. Whatever it is that urged you to okmake the journey out west, we know how you feel. Some people call it passion — we call it obsession.

We know what it’s like to pull an all-nighter reading up on your favorite company’s founding story. You probably even went as far as stalking their whole team on LinkedIn. We also know that you are obsessed with numbers and are willing to dive deep into the weeds of data to find out what is objective truth. You get FOMO when you can’t keep up with the latest tech trends. It’s fine, those are necessary skills to survive out here.

We don’t have an analyst ‘program,’ so your story arc after Bulllpen is something for you to turn into reality. We wouldn’t be surprised if you were to join a scaling tech company or found your own startup. (Shogun World, Anyone?)

Bullpen was created as a result of several spreadsheet exercises that predicted the Series A crunch.

In 2008, we saw the first signs of a paradigm-shift in the venture capital industry. On one end of the barbell, the explosion of super angel funds and micro-VCs resulted in a new and vast generation of startups being minted. On the other end of the barbell, traditional venture funds were bloating in size and moving further away towards super-sized A rounds.

We crunched the numbers and saw a difficult path ahead for founders. The gap that they would have to clear to jump from seed to A would be more difficult than ever before. We believed that a firm should exist to solve this problem while providing optionality, flexibility, more control, and better economics for the people that they do business with. So we architected a fund to do exactly that: accelerate companies through the Series A chasm.

Since then, we have pioneered the category of post-seed funding.

We lead small rounds ($3-$5 million) in companies that don’t seem like obvious wins. You may know us by our investments in Wag, Ipsy, Fanduel, SpotHero, and Grove, amongst others. We span three generations of the tech industry as both operators and investors. As a partnership, we’ve founded over a dozen companies and invested in more than a hundred. We’re the types of folks that you call at 2am to get the cold hard truth. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Role:

You will be on the front lines. The core of this job is evaluating new investments — having a good nose for identifying opportunities in areas both familiar and unfamiliar. Sourcing and fielding inbound deals will become your bread and butter. As part of the investment team, you will learn to speak the language of operating models and unit economics, in addition to becoming conversational in finance to help with the firm’s operations. You will interface directly with each member of the team across all facets. Last but not least, you will inevitably meet extraordinary adventurers and build out your own network as you navigate the wild west.

This is an apprenticeship at its core, and the right candidate will be a strong logical thinker with an ability to learn things quickly in unstructured environments.


If interested, please apply here.

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