VC Analyst @ BlueYard Capital in Berlin, Germany

We live in times where technology is having an unprecedented impact on the fabric of both societies and markets. With the velocity of technologically driven change increasing at an exponential rate, we are on the cusp of many fantastic new opportunities and great risks at the same time. We have the chance to liberate the internet from its monopolistic gatekeepers by creating a more decentralized web; we can use technology to empower the individual at a time when institutions and nation states are losing their ability to provide societies with what they need; and we can use new technologies to transform the fundamental well-being and longevity of every human being. Those are the opportunities that drive the BlueYard team.

We are excited to be expanding the BlueYard team with an Analyst position. This is a two-year role based in Berlin, supporting the team in backing entrepreneurs that decentralize markets, empower users and liberate data. At the core of BlueYard is the belief that venture capital is a product for entrepreneurs, and if you are inspired by working with an intellectually curious, small and value-driven team, we want to hear from you.

The Analyst role includes:

  • Identifying technologies and trends that will positively impact economies and societies and represent attractive venture investment opportunities
  • Carrying out market and company due diligence on investment opportunities
  • Working with our portfolio companies to support them
  • Helping with our community management and events
  • Supporting with fund reporting and analyses
  • Working directly with the two General Partners, embedded in a small team, allowing for a steep learning curve and significant exposure to the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Here’s what we’d like you to bring to the table:

  • A strong understanding of and passion for science (biology, chemistry, material science, physics, etc) and / or up- and down-stack web technologies and services
  • We’re exploring areas such as A Decentralized and Encrypted Web, Humans & Algorithms, Quantum Computing and The Future Of Biology — those are the type of topics you should feel comfortable exploring
  • Self (fire-)starters — be able to run on your own, identify opportunities and prioritise without much guidance
  • The ability to clearly articulate thoughts and opinions about markets and companies, both in written and spoken form
  • Strong interpersonal skills — happy to work extensively within the team and with entrepreneurs
  • Ability to carry out market and financial analyses
  • Native (or close to) English language skills both written and oral
  • The willingness to roll-up your sleeves

There is no ideal background for this role and a formal degree is not required; we think that the role will be suitable to a wide range of folks from fresh graduates with a track record of science and / or technology internships, to candidates with a few years of work experience in startups, science and technology.


If interested,  please email

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