Summer VC Internship at Globis Capital Partners in Tokyo, Japan

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There are more than three years of work experience, Japanese is in the native language level, the person who will graduate domestic / overseas graduate in the summer of 2017 the end of the year or 2018

With our capitalists, new investment destination development, investment destination of Value-Up support, engaged in the venture capitalist business, such as industry networking

Implementation period: Summer 2017 (6 – around August, period Negotiable)

Work location: Tokyo (Kojimachi)

Compensation and travel expenses: Paid by our regulations

The number of employed: Slightly name

Application Guidelines: To resume and job resume along with a following essay please send to.

Essay: “Why to aspiring venture capital? And, what you want to do in the venture capital”
A4 about a piece

Application period: Until December 5, 2016 (it will start from time to time selection in the order who apply)

Selection Process: After the application documents, face-to-face, telephone, interviews by video conference (please described that effect those who are returning to Japan in the year-end and New Year holidays)

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