Strategic Technology Associate VC Job at Roivant Sciences in Basel, Switzerland

As a family of biopharma companies with over a dozen drugs in our pipeline, Roivant is an early stage company that is positioned for rapid growth. We have a proven ability to strategically partner with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to bring drugs to market that would have otherwise never been available to patients. As we continue to grow, we will expand this ability to healthcare technology and related fields, exploring strategic opportunities that will range from vendor relationships to partnering, investing and acquisition.

Our initial hire in this area will be someone with experience evaluating companies’ capabilities and financials. They will work closely with the CIO to map out the industry, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all players in the space (big and small) and how they may complement Roivant’s capabilities. They will be directly involved in proposing and deciding on the best way to work with these companies to achieve Roivant’s dual goals of delivering value to patients and delivering value to shareholders.

Areas of focus will include wearable devices, mobile applications, data sets, data analysis. Areas of potential strategic impact include clinical development, business development, sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, and logistics.


  • Participate directly in discussions with external companies
  • Develop a deep understanding of all the players in healthcare technology and related spaces
  • Identify the best opportunities to collaborate with these companies
  • Propose and structure the form that collaboration should take
  • Value companies when collaboration is potentially an investment or acquisition

Experience, Skills, Accomplishments and Qualities Desired:

  • Financial modeling
  • Experience surveying markets to identify which companies have greatest potential value
  • Highly organized with an ability to distil large amounts of information into an effective summary
  • Creative thinker who is not afraid to be wrong
  • Knowledge of healthcare, pharma, or biotech
  • Investment banking or investing experience

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