Senior VC Principal @ Mitre in McLean, VA

Why choose between doing meaningful work and having a fulfilling life? At MITRE, you can have both. That’s because MITRE people are committed to tackling our nation’s toughest challenges-and we’re committed to the long-term well-being of our employees. MITRE is different from most technology companies. We are a not-for-profit corporation chartered to work for the public interest, with no commercial conflicts to influence what we do. The Research & Development centers we operate for the government create lasting impact in fields as diverse as cybersecurity, healthcare, aviation, defense, and enterprise transformation. We’re making a difference everyday – working for a safer, healthier, and more secure nation and world.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is looking to fill the role of Sr. Principal, Investments. The individual will develop, maintain, and promulgate disciplined processes and procedures around corporate investments. The individual will form a partnership with the Legal office to enable the pursuit of smart new business and to measure progress and performance.

The Sr. Principal, Investments will have the unique opportunity to support work across multiple diverse areas of strategic focus -1) pan-business strategic planning (long-range growth forecasting, portfolio-level investment planning), 2) in-business innovation (long-term roadmap development, commercial positioning), 3) net new business launches (adjacent markets, new platforms), and 4) partnerships and mergers & acquisitions.

The position will also support investment support for MITRE Engenuity. In November 2019 MITRE launched a tech foundation to advance its mission of solving problems for a safer world by working with the private sector to strengthen critical infrastructure. The foundation provides MITRE a new pathway to work with industry, academia, and other organizations beyond its work with the federal government. MITRE Engenuity is a distinct, not-profit company with a separate board of directors and private funding.

The Individual Will

The ideal candidate will have a strong analytical background and experience in strategy, corporate development or market analysis.

  • Support development and refinement of the business’s overall growth strategy:
  • Conduct strategic analyses to determine attractive product development and business development terrains
  • Expand the firm’s knowledge base in emerging terrains
  • Consistently develop and evaluate new business opportunities/ideas/potential partner companies
  • Assist pursuit teams and leadership in:
    • Researching individual opportunities or new business areas
    • Assessing opportunities
    • Setting pricing and terms
    • Developing pro-forma financial statements
    • Collaborate with the management team to build an informed perspective on market segments, including the creation of market maps, target comparisons and analysis of venture capital and private equity investment trends
    • Create the financial plan for the pursuit based on input from the pursuit team
    • Develop financial models for M&A, joint ventures, project development and financing activities
    • Develop briefing materials for the Board of Trustees and senior leadership
    • Capture the business decisions made by Senior Leaders
    • Maintain a repository of data on all pursuits and strategic investments, and providing regular reports on investments, results and lessons learned


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s in Business Administration

Required Qualifications

  • 10 years of increasingly challenging, related experience
  • Demonstrated experience leading projects and defining team deadlines
  • Validated ability to build strong working relationships with colleagues and external partners
  • Experience with solution-focused problem solving and thinking through problems creatively
  • Experience in management consulting
  • Proven leadership, professional consulting, and communications skills

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