Senior VC Manager @ Mercedes Benz North America in San Francisco, CA

Do you have the aspiration to form part of the design of the digital investment future of MBRDNA (Crunchbase) in Silicon Valley? Do you want to be the driving force in generating new ideas, innovations and concepts, moving projects forward and putting them into practice? Do you like being able to form your own creative work environment, working within flat hierarchies and taking over responsibility for important projects from the beginning on? Then join our team and start shaping our future today!

Your main tasks lie in the selection up to the integration of external cooperation and innovation partners along the whole value chain of the digital automobile- / mobility eco-system in the heart of Silicon Valley. Having strong communication and interpersonal skills is a must, since you will be communicating with the MBRDNA teams in Sunnyvale CA, other Daimler locations worldwide, potential cooperation partners, universities and start-ups.

  • Responsible for establishing regular communication, information and knowledge exchange, efficient reporting and cross-functional collaborations nationally and internationally – especially with R&D Germany as well as leading organizations in Silicon Valley to ensure early identification of innovation, trends and talents for Daimler AG. In that respect, you will also work closely together with the cooperation and innovation management team within R&D Germany.
  • Negotiate future cooperation projects with universities, start-ups, Accelerators and other institutions. Moreover, you execute, integrate and evaluate strategic, commercial and technical due diligence tasks.
  • Develop digital business concepts and compose your own methods and evaluation criteria to assess and monitor their implementation in cooperation projects.
  • Support in the coordination, implementation and tracking of current and future investments and collaboration activities within MBRDNA.
  • From R&D to IL, from legal issues to the sales and purchasing department, you will be in touch with a wide portfolio of different business areas and external stakeholders.

Minimum Skills Required:

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, computer science, engineering, economics or comparable qualification
  • At least twelve (12) years of work experience in the software, venture capital or technology industry
  • At least three (3) years of professional experience in Silicon Valley
  • Excellent command of English
  • Willingness to travel
  • Strategic and entrepreneurial thinking and acting as well as customer orientation
  • High level of resilience and passion for new technologies as well as startups and young companies

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