Senior VC Associate @ Unit-E Ventures in Mumbai, India

Unit-E Ventures(LinkedIn) is an early-stage venture capital firm. We invest and support talented leaders, startups and SMEs with technology-focused business models. Our core beliefs are based around value investing, sound unit-economics and providing strategic guidance and support through our network of advisors, mentors and service providers in the startup and corporate world. Unit-E Ventures wants to be the bridge between capable individuals, interesting business ideas and the late-stage VC/PE firms in India.

Looking for a highly driven and self-motivated individual to help build a venture capital & private equity fund. The ideal candidate should have a keen analytical mind, some understanding of the Indian startup landscape and strong communications skills.

Education & Experiences:

· Undergraduate degree from a recognized University

· Previous experience (1+ years) in Venture Capital or Private Equity is most preferred, but experience in investment banking, consulting or key management role at a technology startup is valuable too

· Strong analytics skills to create financial and operational models

· Knowledge around financial structuring is an added benefit (how to structure equity and debt instruments)

· Ability to sieve through detailed qualitative research and develop a comprehensive view on a space.

· Competency in creating and giving presentations

· Strong communication and time-management skills

Duties & Responsibilities:

The duties can be divided into 3 sections. Each sections requires a different viewpoint, but a consistent skill set:

  1. Spaces & verticals: The candidate must not only be able to collect qualitative and quantitative data on different sectors, but ultimately help the partners develop an opinion which pockets to invest in and how to do so. This includes going very deep in verticals within broader spaces.
  2. Investment analysis / due diligence: Once an interesting space and vertical is identified (for example – SME lending, within fintech), the candidate is expected to help evaluate specific companies. This includes carefully analyzing the business model, building comprehensive financial and operational models, debating the risks associated and collating everything to form an appropriate investment case for the investment committee.
  3. Post investment engagement: A large part of the analyst’s role will be to work closely with portfolio companies and engage in a mutually productive manner. This includes collecting required data, running regular analysis to make sure the company is moving in the right direction and getting operationally involved when required.

Given the nature of the role, the candidate must be highly independent with the ability to prioritize, delegate and deliver quality work in a timely manner within constant oversight.

Technical Skills:

Languages: English (Fluent); Strong Verbal and Written Communication

Computer Skills: MS Word, MS Excel (VBA Macros), MS Powerpoint / Keynote

Programming Languages: Knowledge of basic programming is an added advantage

Qualities: Leadership, Time-Management, Thoroughness, Drive


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