Managing Director VC Job at Tyson New Ventures in Chicago

Responsible for defining and operationalizing the portfolio and pipeline/business development strategy for a fully functioning Corporate Venture unit. This will include translating the Fund’s long-range financial goals and consequent interim financial and operating targets into implications for the size/shape of Tyson Ventures’ portfolio and business development pipeline; building a strong ecosystem of VCs, angel investors, entrepreneurs, research firms, academics, and industry thought leaders to build Tyson’s reputation and access to deal flow; building a robust pipeline of high-potential early to mid-stage companies that fit Tyson’s strategic and investment criteria; identifying high potential relationships with 1-5 Venture Funds, Incubators or Angel Investors particularly focused on the spaces prioritized by Tyson New Ventures (TNV), developing them into strategic partnerships for sourcing of deals; defining and living the winning culture by which TNV interactions with entrepreneurs will be known; building trust-based relationships with founders and management teams of target companies such that TNV is positioned as a partner of choice and given preferential access to investment opportunities; executing due diligence, executing deals and structuring investments ranging from minority indirect to 100% acquisition, working with the incubation team and internal Tyson contacts to assess the unique value proposition offered by target, as well as the ways in which Tyson can add value to the emerging business; formalizing criteria for “readiness” of investments to move through the portfolio pipeline for increased levels of investment, spinoff or outright acquisition, as well as movement out of incubation into the appropriate part of Tyson Foods’ core business.

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