Head of Corporate Communications VC Job at Artha Venture Partners in Mumbai

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Manage all the internal communication channels to ensure associate engagement and alignment to the organization
  2. Introduce new and innovative communication channels and resources
  3. Arrive at a channel mix that fits with the organization, taking into account associate preferences and accessibility
  4. Source, write and produce compelling content for the various communication channels
  5. Provide advice and guidance on best practices around internal communications to various internal teams
  6. Work with senior leaders on their communication requirements as and when required
  7. Foster strong working relationships with colleagues across the organization to gather relevant news and deliver communications around developments and activities that are in alignment with the firm’s business strategy
  8. Recommend strategies for improving adoption, readership and effectiveness of communication channels
  9. Propose and develop strategies for evaluating and measuring the impact and effectiveness of the different channels of communication.
  10. Design and develop all structures and channels for internal communications
  11. To strategies & execute effective communication program, events & channels for corporate brand & image building exercise of the group.
  12. To establish strong & positive relationship with print & electronic media, consumer groups, community organizations and others to create the right impact of company’s image.

This Job is for you if you are:

  1. Creative: Your ideas are out of the box, you can think beyond the obvious, you can make boring content an interesting read.
  2. Grammar Nazi: We love a Grammar Nazi, so if you are one, we will love you too.
  3. Calm: When under pressure, do NOT stress.
  4. Innovative: We are looking for think-er’s and not mere do-er’s
  5. Opinionated: Always have an opinion. It is a Corporate Communications MUST HAVE
  6. Quick: When dealing with multiple companies, pace is what is essential.

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