Global Innovation Director at Top 5 CPG Company in San Francisco

A $50B Top 5 CPG company is searching for a talented entrepreneur / VC interested in driving strategy and innovation globally by identifying disruptive technology start-ups that will help create breakthrough / industry first ideas for our CPG company. The Global Director of Innovation will be the “face” for the organization out in the Valley and will be tasked with networking and building relationships with Bay Area start ups and VC firms.

Global Innovation Director should research, investigate, benchmark technologies and solutions out in the market or in emerging phases to propose step-change and incremental ideas in order to enhance Company’s ability to connect with consumers and trading partners, improve internal analytical skills, optimize cost, maximize Company’s Better World efforts, and increase employee engagement and productivity;

The objective of this job is:

  • to search for break-through (big) ideas that will LEAD, SHAPE and CREATE new markets, route-to-markets, relationship with consumers and trading partners and more efficient ways of doing business;
  • to develop and implement an innovation process to capture and implement incremental ideas as well as test new concepts;
  • to define the IT long-term strategy for the next 3-5 years , translating trends into programs that make sense for the business;
  • to create a pipeline of solutions , finding the right use of emerging technologies and including them into the demand roadmap;
  • propose the architecture to leverage data available in the market and translate them into insights that can bring value to the organizations
  • to develop the “Complexity in a Box” concept , creating algorithms that will deal with complexity and translate them into actionable items for our employees at all levels of the Organization;
  • to develop new vendors and partners that are in line with our strategies and use of Technology;

Main challenges of this job are:

  • Understand the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world and identify the trends that may impact our business positive or negatively;
  • Influence the Business Functions (Chiefs and their Teams) to understand the market/consumer trends and analyze their potential impact in the vision the Business Functions have as well as the capabilities the Company has to build to address them;
  • Define the right moment in the innovation life-cycle to adopt a certain technology and incorporate them in the Demand Roadmap;
  • Define an IBS strategy in a very volatile environment;
  • Dominate the BIG DATA, Machine Learning and IA trends and translate them into specific solutions that address business needs;
  • Deal with the complexity of an unknown environment as a results of M&As, expansions or divestitures needs;

Global Innovation Director is accountable for:

  • IBS Strategic Plan (3-5 years out) incorporating all trends into programs;
  • IBS Innovation Pipeline incorporated into the Demand Roadmap;
  • Innovation solutions fully tested in the market according to a business case previously negotiated;
  • Ensure results of the innovations after their full deployment;
  • Recommend decisions around innovations (full deployment, niche deployment, abandon, etc);
  • “Complexity in a Box” solutions;

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