General Partner @ CircleUp Growth Partners in San Francisco, CA

CircleUp  is seeking to add one General Partner to be a senior leader of the CircleUp Growth Partners discretionary investment fund team in San Francisco, CA. CircleUp Growth Partners is a $125 million fund that is backed by several top tier institutional limited partners and employs a strategy to invest in emerging CPG and Retail companies by leveraging CircleUp’s proprietary data science and machine learning technology, Helio. 

CircleUp is a data-driven investment platform backed by Union Square Ventures, Google Ventures, and Canaan Partners. We have pioneered a unique approach to Consumer investing by leveraging a world class team of over 20 data scientists and engineers to build Helio , a powerful data science platform that tracks and makes actionable predictions on 1.3M+ consumer and retail companies. We take a quantamental approach to the private markets and use Helio to enhance investment sourcing, evaluation, and value creation. 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Scope and Responsibilities 

This is a senior leadership role. Responsibilities include sitting on the CircleUp executive team, leading and executing the investment strategy of CircleUp Growth Partners, managing a team of talented investment professionals, portfolio investment management, growing the Growth Partners business, and interfacing with our data science and engineering teams to leverage and amplify the power of Helio. 

These efforts include: 

  • Investment committee leadership
  • Oversight of investment sourcing funnel and process. Transforming traditionally ad hoc processes at a typical firm into systematic sourcing leveraging Helio
  • Development of investment themes using Helio data and the administration of a data feedback loop with the Helio product team
  • Transaction negotiation and execution
  • Cross team collaboration across multiple business groups, including data science, business operations, marketing, and CircleUp Credit Advisors

Successful Candidates will ideally possess: 

  • Experience as a founder and leader of a consumer or ecommerce business
  • A very deep understanding of consumer and retail.
  • Transaction and negotiation expertise
  • Valuable lessons learned as an operator that will both apply to conversations with entrepreneurs and initiatives focused on building CircleUp
  • Experience in Venture, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Management Consulting, or Data Science is a plus

Personal Qualities: 

  • The courage to build something new in the world
  • Persistence typically associated with being a founder. This trait will not only serve you well in building CircleUp but also in interacting with the founders we are here to serve.
  • Infectious enthusiasm to create something that helps entrepreneurs to thrive
  • High on integrity, grit, growth mindset, and compassion
  • Hardworking and results-oriented; must be a self-starter
  • Excellent communication skills – the ability to present ideas with precision and conviction
  • A passion for excellence
  • Team-oriented and collaborative

If interested, please apply here.

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