Fund Manager & Principal VC Jobs at Social Starts in NYC and San Francisco

Social Starts, a seed VC (with a few Series A investments) based in NY, is looking to hire a principal to head West Coast sourcing activities (sits in SF Bay Area) and a Fund Manager (probably sits in NY). Please send resumes to Patrick Yang at

They are investors in: Ashton Kutcher’s A+, Boxed, Elite Daily, Pinterest, Shots Mobile, SimpleReach, TrialPay, VidIQ, and more.

Please find job descriptions below for each respective role:

Social Starts Fund and LP Manager

  • Reports to: Mike Edelhart,  Lead Partner
  • Time expectation: 10-15 hours/ week on average
  • Does earn carry.
  • Manages all our fund’s operational/financial processes.

1) Work with Mike to build an omnibus document containing this information for all 3 funds:

  • Investment Name
  • Investment Date
  • Investment Amount
  • Form of Initial Investment
  • If note, date of conversion
  • If note, value per share @ conversion If note, ownership % @
  • conversion If shares, ownership % at investment Current Total
  • Investment Value
  • Current Investment Multiple
  • Current IRR
  • Current Investment Stage
  • Focus Area
  • Co-investors
  • Follow investors
  • Precede investors (if any)
  • Current share price
  • If shares or converted note, current ownership % (fully diluted)
  • Current company value Exited?
  • If yes, form of exit?
  • Value @ exit?
  • Time from initial investment to exit?
  • Internet Projected Investment Value
  • Internal Projected Investment Gain/Loss CEO Name CEO email Company
  • physical address
  • One line company description

Much of this is already done; it just needs to be gathered together in one coherent form. Perhaps one full day’s work.

2) Maintain this document going forward (with active support and input from Mike)

3) Manage LP accounts and reporting to LPs. Capital inflows and outflows to/from LPs. Status of capital accounts. Interface with accountant on K-1, tax, etc.

4) Manage generation of NAV, IRR, transaction detail for Quarterly LP reports; Generate NAV per LP, i.e. statement of capital account to include for each LP in quarterly outreach. (Work w/CPA if necessary to get this in proper form, GAAP, tax accounting, etc.). Produce necessary info for annual fund report by CPA and prepping fund to be in auditable form by 2016.

5) Handle deal docs w/fund counsel and Mike. Handle wires to new investments, incoming shares, $ from any exits. Manages operational accounts. Pays contractors and our few bills.

6) Interface with accountant on BLZ (early sidecar fund, managed separately) and manage TTP (small operating partner company) at its low level.

Principal Role Job Description

The Social Starts Principal must have a background, and 5+years of experience, in finance and/or investing, ideally in venture capital or other forms of buy-side finance. The candidate should have a BA/BS degree.  A technical background and/or MBA preferred. In addition, the Principal must have expertise in at least one area – and ideally multiple areas – of focus for Social Starts, including social platforms, media, analytics, and gaming/entertainment.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research on target sectors for fund and suggesting potential companies for investment
  • Building relationships with entrepreneurs and other funds
  • Researching and doing due diligence on companies under consideration for investment
  • Opportunity to lead and make investment recommendations to fund partners
  • Working with other partners in fund to manage process of investment
  • Working with other partners in fund to manage pipeline of prospective investments
  • Maintaining relationships with invested portfolio companies, providing advisory services to companies as requested and is reasonable, and keeping abreast of company status and performance
  • Supporting analysis of fund performance
  • Providing marketing and public relation services to promote the fund and its affiliates
  • Building additional expertise and capabilities in Social Starts’ areas of focus, including through independent research, analysis of companies in relevant industries, testing company products and services, attending industry events, individual networking, and speaking with media and analysts


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