Entrepreneur in Residence VC Job at TechGrind Incubator & Venture Capital in Bangkok

At TechGrind Incubator & Venture Capital our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR’s) are a fun and flexible position with many open options.
The EIR position is a rolling open position that we almost always have available. Check with us and see if we have space!

An EIR position at TechGrind Incubator is quite simple. Your role will see you working 50% of the time with the Incubator & VC fund on various tasks relating to your skillsets. For bizdev EIR’s these are tasks such as: partnerships, investor relations, market research, financial and legal work, marketing and sales, lean validation, fund management, and anything else we do in the Incubator and Fund units.

For technical EIR’s these are tasks such as: programming, IT, front/back-ends, design, UI/UX, and anything else for our internal venture projects or portfolio companies.

All EIR’s will also be part of our mentorship team – sitting in weekly mentorship hour meetings with our incubatees in order to find weekly tasks which you can help our startups with throughout the week.

The other 50% of your time as an EIR at TechGrind will find you joining one of our startup teams to work on their tasks as a part-time or even full-time team member on the startup. This role could be even be a cofounder role.

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