Director of Platform VC Job at RRE Ventures in NYC

For over twenty years, RRE Ventures has been one of the premier Venture Capital firms in New York. We pride ourselves not only on investing in great entrepreneurs and delivering stellar returns for our investors, but also on being supportive partners to our portfolio companies and active members of our community.

To deepen our engagement both with our companies and our community, we are hiring a Director of Platform responsible for working directly with the partnership to build, implement, and enhance our internal portfolio support systems as well as to design and execute outreach initiatives throughout the New York Tech Ecosystem.

A great Director of Platform must be able to work independently, to take decisive action, and to thrive in unstructured environments. The job will include taking internal and external ownership of RRE’s event planning, relationship management, and social media engagement, while also with mobilizing our extensive network of contacts to address the challenges faced by portfolio companies. This job isn’t for everyone, but if you’re gregarious, confident, smart, experienced, and tough, it could be for you.

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