Analyst VC Job at Village Capital in Washington, D.C.

You’ll report to one of the Directors at Village Capital (specific reporting relationship depends on scope of work). You’ll have three specific responsibilities:

1. Find the best entrepreneurs solving real-world problems

  • You’ll help our team develop an investment thesis within your target sector, specifically looking at people, places, and ideas that the market under-values.
  • We talk to 10,000 entrepreneurs/year, and you’ll help our team develop and curate this pipeline to a small group of the highest-potential companies
  • You’ll personally develop relationships with the most promising entrepreneurs as a relationship lead on behalf of Village Capital.

2. Improve entrepreneurs’ ability to succeed

  • You’ll play a leading role in developing entrepreneurial potential, serving as a strategic advisor on investment-readiness to a small group of companies.
  • You’ll advise on Village Capital’s programming with an eye towards what investors are looking to back.
  • You’ll work with our team to recruit a community of investors that will find value in meeting entrepreneurs, and can help these businesses reach scale faster.
  • You’ll help companies prepare their investment offering for Village Capital’s fund and other investors.

3. Invest in the best companies

  • You’ll work with Village Capital’s fund to help entrepreneurs select the best investments.
  • You’ll help alumni and portfolio companies to recruit executive talent and raise additional rounds on an as-needed basis.

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