Analyst VC Job at Socialatom Ventures in Medellín, Colombia

The analyst position gives a great opportunity for you to gain insight into the workings of many global startups we invest in and the behind-the-scenes of venture capital in the US and Latin America. With this experience, you will be poised to join one of our portfolio companies, join a venture capital firm, or better yet, build your own company.

You should speak both Spanish and English fluently, and be equally interested in working at a startup as in venture capital.

Past experience in Venture Capital or Finance is not a requirement nor determinant factor. This is a entry point for a career in entrepreneurship or VC and thus, evidence of ability to self-direct, resourcefulness and resilience is more important.

This is not your typical VC fund, we work to help resolve crisis and challenges for founders with real work, while working with public institutions to design and execute economic development programs. This is a challenging role that is only easier than being a founder but much harder than most job opportunities elsewhere.

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