Analyst VC Job at Bullpen Capital in San Francisco

Bullpen Capital is hiring a full-time analyst to join the team in San Francisco, and we hope you’re up to the challenge. We’re interested in meeting a broad set of candidates, including those from non-traditional backgrounds. If you’re the right fit you probably spend more time on Product Hunt than Facebook, more time on Reddit than Wikipedia. Your enthusiasm and network make you a good source for company introductions, but you get just as excited by data assignments and deal analysis. We don’t have an analyst “program” so your next gig after joining Bullpen is probably as a founder, joining a tech company, or going to business school.

Bullpen Capital is the leader in post-seed funding, a category we created. We lead small rounds in non-obvious companies. You may know us by our investments in Fanduel, Ipsy, Namely, Wag, Airmap and others. We are a team of expressive contrarians who love what we do. We span three generations of the tech industry as both operators (Rich Melmon co-founded Electronic Arts and Paul Martino was a serial founder, most recently Aggregate Knowledge, acquired by Neustar) and professional investors (Duncan Davidson was a GP at VantagePoint and Eric Wiesen was a GP at RRE). Our first analyst (now partner), James Conlon was a poker pro before joining Bullpen. Amongst the partnership we’ve started over a dozen companies and invested in over a hundred.

You will be the on the front lines. The core of this job is evaluation of new investments — finding them, fielding the many inbound deals we see, and proactively identifying compelling opportunities either in areas we already know or new ones. We are data- and metrics-driven as a fund and you will get very good at unpacking operating plans and getting to the core of a company’s business. You will also be (or will become) conversational in finance to help with the operations of our firm. You will interface directly with each member of the team to varying degrees across almost all facets of the business. This is an apprenticeship at its core, and the right candidate will be able to adapt and learn new things quickly, and will develop a strong foundational skill-set by doing so.

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