VC Associate @ Nauta Capital in Barcelona, Spain

We are looking for an Investment Associate to join our Barcelona-based investment team. We are looking for an excellent professional with a keen interest in B2B software, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. More information below.

You will be working closely with our investment team in Barcelona: JordiBorja, and Xevi. At Nauta, we are truly pan-European with a team of 20+ people distributed in three offices (London, Barcelona, and Berlin) investing in B2B software across Europe. Following Matthew Syed’s thesis in Rebel Ideas, we are looking for someone that brings diverse thinking to our team.

You will work on many things related to our portfolio companies (the existing and the future ones), develop investment themes, be involved in fund operations, and collaborate with our teams in the UK and Germany. Over time you will have the opportunity to become a senior investment professional with strong business and technical foundations and a very valuable network in the industry.

We believe that joining Nauta is a recipe for success. We will support you in your career and provide opportunities, mentorship, advice, and (who knows?) maybe funding for your next adventure if you decide to become an entrepreneur!

🦺 What you will do on your day-to-day:

  • Source new early-stage investments and manage the deal flow of opportunities.
  • Evaluate new technologies, markets, and business models; identify market and industry trends, conduct market research, and develop investment theses.
  • Conduct due diligence on investment opportunities; prepare investment memos, updates, and presentations.
  • Support our portfolio companies in multiple ways: we are at our CEOs’ disposal!
  • Represent Nauta Capital at events and conferences.

🤓 There are various paths and backgrounds that can lead to an Investment Associate position at Nauta. Below are a few possible backgrounds:

  • Computer science: more valuable if you have practical experience or you have worked for a tech company (our very own Pratima is an example).
  • Product: you worked in or managed product teams in a tech company; it could be in a startup, in a consultancy, or in big tech.
  • Math/Physics/Biotech: we have had fantastic experiences with such profiles (if you can’t believe it, just ask Guillem).
  • Founded a company regardless of the outcome and now you are looking to gain some experience in VC.
  • Business/investment banking/consulting: these are amazing places to get your first job, as you get lots of on-the-job training; we would love to chat more about your passion for VC.

🔑 To apply, please follow this link.

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