VC Associate @ Mana Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Venture Capital Associate & Writer Each time the Mana Ventures Collective invests in a company, we put together a several page deal memo. This memo typically outlines the market opportunity, problem, solution, product, traction, competition, business model, and team. We are looking for someone who can own and write these memos using materials we share with you (presentation, financials, etc.) as well as online research (articles, videos, etc.). Dont worry, you wont be starting from scratch! We have a structure for our memos that works very well and we are essentially looking for someone who can replicate this structure by putting in the correct details for each company.

What Were Looking For

  • Someone who is eager to learn about the world of venture capital and investing in early stage companies; someone who is willing to dive deep on each company they are writing a memo for.
  • Someone who truly enjoys writing and has strong experience with writing, be that through writing articles, blogs, or essays.
  • Someone who can take information / ideas from various sources such as presentations, financials, articles, videos; and formulate this information / ideas into a succinct and compelling deal memo.
  • Bonus: someone with experience using Google Documents.
  • Bonus: someone with experience reviewing business financials.

Benefits for you We share carry with individuals that are involved in writing memos. Carry the fee that venture capitalists charge for their services. It can be incredibly lucrative down the round. We can explain more how this works on a call. A view into the world of venture capital and investing in early stage companies. If you are looking to eventually work for a high growth startup, this is an incredible opportunity. We can help you connect with high growth startups. 1 on 1 mentorship and coaching.

How to Apply Submit your name and email Submit at least 1 sample of writing (memo, article, blog post, essay, etc.)

If interested, please apply here.

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