VC Associate @ E14 Fund in Boston, MA

Do you love science and the way it can change the world? Do you enjoy working closely with others helping them think through their challenges and grow? Are you a tireless learner who is curious about new technologies and how they shape and reshape industries?

If so, we want to talk with you about the venture associate position at E14 Fund, where you will work closely with our managing partners in four areas:

1. Build our community

E14 founders and founders-to-be are often deep technical talents, scientists or engineers, who want to learn about entrepreneurship and work on early customer development before they take the founder leap to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. We support the community by organizing office hours, events on and off campus, outreaching and collaborating with other MIT startup programs and other investors. We also develop and share content for our community. In your role as associate, you’ll be able to run point on a lot of these activities.

2. Find new investments:

We invest in purpose-driven, deep tech startups that often defy or define categories; from changing the way machines perceive and interact with the world to whole new ways of designing and manufacturing products, from machine intelligence and software infrastructure in commerce and healthcare, to fundamental life science platform technologies. We love that we typically get to know founders from our community before they’ve even founded the company, whether as scientists at MIT or alumni that left years ago. Relationships and perspectives you bring will culminate in you researching and advocating for founders and companies you meet and believe in.

3. Support existing investments:

Young startups need help in a million different ways, big and small; two of the ways we think you can be particularly helpful with are first, connections with the broad network of companies that work with MIT or would like to work with MIT who could be potential enterprise customers and second, support for their fundraising needs, everything from narrative and deck feedback to working through plans to intros to downstream investors.

4. Fund operations:

An important part of building a new venture firm that matters for the long haul is operational infrastructure. We’ll share with you all about the tools and processes that make our firm work and we hope that your operational experience at a startup or other investment firm will equip you with your opinions on how to make us better in every dimension.

About E14

E14 Fund ( is the early stage venture capital firm from and for the MIT / Media Lab startup community. Our mission is to serve the whole MIT community; our business model is investing in a subset of the community. We invest in scalable, deep tech startups and donate a portion of profits to MIT.

Desired Skills and Experience

* BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent.
* Extensive experience with one or more server side platforms (Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, or even ASP.NET) and a solid understanding of what happens under the covers (HTTP).
* Extensive experience with client side development (HTML, CSS, Javascript and JS frameworks). UI/UX experience is also a plus.
* Knowledge of relational databases and SQL. Knowledge developing and debugging on Linux systems.

* BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent. Extensive experience developing for Symbian, iPhone, Android, BREW and/or Windows Mobile.
* Extensive experience with C/C++ and Java.
* Experience developing multi-platform desktop applications and plugins (Windows/Mac/Linux/Qt) is a plus.

We are also looking for web designers with a decent understanding of web technologies.

UI/UX Designers:
* Experience with illustration tools such as Adobe’s Creative Suite
* Experience in building interfaces using CSS, HTML, and/or JavaScript
* Ability to quickly prototype and iterate towards production-level quality
* Portfolios are welcome.

IF interested, please apply here.

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