VC Associate @ Cortado Ventures in Oklahoma City, OK

Ideal candidate has minimum 6 years experience as analyst and/or associate at a top decile venture capital firm. For this Cortado will pay COLA-adjusted top decile salary plus potential signing bonus. If less than 6 years at top decile firm, then absolute minimum of 3 years general VC experience plus college degree relating to entrepreneurship and an MBA. Demonstrable skills in deal sourcing, diligence and execution; portco operational support; and VC firm administration including communication skills. For ideal candidates, this position is an accelerated pathway to vice president or equivalent role with Cortado.

This position is eligible for full insurance benefits (medical, life, dental) which are covered for the employee.

Deal sourcing and management

  • Find new startups to invest in and making the initial outreach
  • Conduct due diligence on potential startup investments, analyzing their markets and financial projections, and assist in negotiating deal terms
  • Deal screening: call and/or meet with prospects, evaluate opportunities
  • Documentation: summarize call notes, enter deals into CRM

Deal diligence and execution

  • Gather information from the target company and industry experts
  • Research and talk to existing references and customers of the target company
  • Research potential competitors to the target company
  • Research and talk with technical/business consultants to evaluate the target company’s technology including IPs
  • Conduct background checks on the current management of the target company
  • Perform valuation analysis via modelling
  • Prepare internal investment memos

Portfolio company support

  • Help portfolio companies with everything from recruiting to sales & marketing to engineering to fundraising and administrative and financial issues
  • Become a subject matter expert on our business products, processes and operations, and remain up-to-date on industry news
  • Analyze current and past financial data, such as sales reports, and provide strategies to cut costs and increase revenue
  • Assist individual portfolio companies in support of board members

Administrative support and duties

  • Administrative tasks such as enabling flow of information with accounting/legal, and IT
  • Website and social media updates
  • Coordinate and improve internal reporting, deal tracking, and fundraising support

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