VC Associate @ Blue Collective in Brooklyn, NY

Blue Collective (‘Blue’ for short) is an investment firm located in Brooklyn, New York. We are Venture Capital and Private Equity investors with a simple, overall thesis – we believe that phenomenal people build phenomenal businesses.

We seek out, invest in, and support phenomenal people wherever and whoever they may be. This often means extra work for us because truly exceptional people are often ‘off-the-radar’ – over-looked and under-valued by average investors. We put in the extra work because it matters. We currently have over 60 portfolio companies and more than $130 million under management. We have generated benchmark-busting returns for our investors and have contributed (in a small way) to the success of a lot of phenomenal people and phenomenal businesses.

We are a small and growing team with a big vision. We are building a different kind of investment firm – one that generates amazing investment returns from an unyielding commitment to finding and supporting great people that others pass over. Our vision requires us to be always approachable, always independent, and always values-driven. We are looking for individuals to join our team who are excited by this vision.


Associate Investor is the most important role at Blue and is different than the equivalent role at most other investment firms. We give our Associates significantly more responsibility, opportunity, and upside. This means specifically:

  • True front-line responsibilities – you work long hours, but you are never ‘part of the wallpaper’
  • Mentorship-driven development – we throw you in the deep end quickly but coach you through it all
  • Meritocratic system – your advancement is capped only by your own professional growth
  • Track to Partner – a rare and real career path in the world of VC & PE
  • Equity from day one – rewards are shared because your success is ultimately our success

We should also say up-front that prior VC or PE experience is not a requirement for the Associate role at Blue. We will help you develop the skills you need to be a great investor. What we do require are a strong work ethic and willingness to learn, a desire to join us for the long-term, and excitement to help us build something special and long-lasting.


As Associate, you will lead and support activities across the full spectrum of Blue’s operations, including:

  • Sourcing. You will be responsible for generating deal flow for our VC and PE strategies. This means everything from building and maintaining relationships to cold-calling companies to attending and hosting events to analyzing markets and more – whatever it takes to find phenomenal people!
  • Diligence & Deals. You will drive diligence for deals across our VC and PE strategies. This involves reviewing pitch decks, leading discussions with entrepreneurs and operators, reviewing and analyzing financial statements, modeling (the kind that takes place in Excel), developing written recommendations, and more. Additionally, you will support the Partners to ensure deals are executed well and quickly.
  • Portfolio Operations. You will have a hand in all that we do related to our Portfolio of existing companies. You will have regular discussions with portfolio management teams, prepare competitive analyses, support our governance roles, and provide hands-on support at our companies.
  • Firm-building. You will lead initiatives and projects that make us smarter, faster, and better investors. This could touch on anything from our technology to our processes to our brand and beyond. You are responsible for helping us build Blue beyond just making great investments!


  • Prior work experience of 2 to 5 years. You don’t need to have worked in VC or PE previously, but we want individuals who have worked successfully in team settings and in professional environments.
  • Willing to be in an office in NYC. This is not a 100% WFH (‘work from home’) gig. We have a great office in NYC, and we expect you to be here from time to time and when needed. If Covid is still keeping you indoors, that’s ok! But you should wait until it’s not before applying to Blue.
  • Willing to travel. This is a people business, and we invest in companies across the US (and sometimes abroad). You should be ready to hop on a plane whenever needed to shake hands in-person.
  • Must love meeting new people and new ideas every single day. You should be a people-lover able to build long-lasting relationships effortlessly and a generalist at heart who can go deep on topics when needed.
  • Self-starter with extreme detail-orientation. You need to be able to work independently, handle multiple tasks (investing is a business of details), and set and execute against your own deadlines.
  • Superb analytical and communication skills. We are conviction-based investors – your success here depends on your ability to tell compelling stories (verbally and written) based on hard facts and evidence.
  • Strong knowledge of Excel and Powerpoint. You’ll get stronger on these dimensions while at Blue, but we expect a high level of incoming competence.
  • Highest ethical standards. We are not stuffy, boring, or overly formal, but we do believe the character and conduct of our team members matters – inside and outside the office.


  • Competitive annual base salary with year-end cash performance bonus
  • Healthcare benefits and 401k with contribution matching
  • Equity in Blue funds and investments

If interested, please apply here.

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