VC Analyst @ Ridge Ventures in San Francisco, CA

We’re looking for an Analyst to join our team of 6 investors. This is a 2–3 year role, but if it goes well we’d love for you to grow with the firm over the long term. It should give you rare insight into how great companies are built, how venture works, and where it’s going.

Who We Are

Ridge Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in startups who are redefining how the world interacts with data and code. We invest in enterprise software companies with a focus on AI, analytics and data, SaaS, infrastructure, marketing technology, and HR tech, as well as select consumer companies that reinforce our enterprise thesis. Past portfolio companies include Fastly (IPO, currently $10B), and Krux (acquired by Salesforce for ~$1B), and our emerging stars include Discord, ThirdLove, Braze, Minted, Safegraph, and Trifacta.

How We Work

We get involved at the early stages of company development (Seed and Series A), because that’s where great decisionmaking and experienced support can affect a company’s trajectory. That, and we think it’s fun.

We pride ourselves on valuing human relationships and data. For relationships, that means supporting our colleagues, founders we work with, and our family of CIOs, CMOs, technical experts, and fellow investors. We look to build long term relationships with quietly awesome people, who have deep expertise that is revealed over time. For data, that means continuously refining our systems to understand the world, find the right teams, and make smart decisions about who to support.

Your Role At Ridge

The idea behind our Analyst role is to find somebody who is fascinated by how systems like venture work, and likes running experiments and building processes to discover more. Our industry is in a state of change. Much of the path isn’t yet clear. This role will put you at the center of figuring it out.

At Ridge, you will:

  • Learn how venture works, what startups have potential, how investors think, and how great companies are built
  • Develop research, experiments, prototypes to help us understand the landscape and build a strong firm over the long term
  • Work with the Investment Team to help us make great investment decisions, through due diligence, research and analysis
  • Develop new areas for us to invest in through sector or customer research
  • Build data-driven systems to find great companies to invest in
  • Support finance, marketing, and community at Ridge
  • Come up with your own projects that can disproportionately impact Ridge and the companies we support.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is finishing or have earned a technical degree in engineering or science (a preference for us, but not a requirement)
  • Has a curious, structured, data-driven approach to problem solving, and a bias to building tools for scale. Be comfortable discovering, extracting, manipulating, and finding narratives in large sets of data.
  • Has a relentlessly curious approach to problem solving
  • Has a bias to thoughtful action: think through a problem quickly, and then quickly build
  • Demonstrates strong analytical, communication, technical and interpersonal skills
  • Is able to develop and run with a project with support and guidance, but without requiring direct supervision
  • Hasn’t necessarily been thinking about joining a venture capital firm, but thinks it would be interesting.

We encourage individuals from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in technology and venture to apply, as well as those who haven’t previously considered venture. Almost all of our Investment Team are immigrants so we get it, and happy to support a visa for the right person.

Unsure of whether you fit at a venture firm? Please reach out.

To apply, or to ask any questions, connect with us at, and a real human will get back to you. Please include links to any relevant online profiles (LinkedIn, GitHub, etc), and a nice note of introduction. Bonus points if you share any projects you’ve led that you’re excited about (in other words, we invite you to geek out!).