VC Analyst @ GlassDollar in Berlin, Germany

GlassDollar helps corporates to integrate cutting edge startup products into their value chain.

We collect and analyze millions of data points about startups every day and we use that data to recommend our customers, like Daimler, Porsche & Miele, the best startups to work with.

As a team, we want to change the way people perceive work. We envision a world in which humans are free to search for an impact they want to make, to find purpose, instead of a job to pay the bills. A world so free, that humans can choose missions to undertake, instead of a title to add to their CV. We believe we make that vision a reality, by enabling startup founders to get their first customers with whom to validate their business model and pay the bills.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an analytical overachiever that is ready to take on a challenge of a new level, an analyst who adds value through his startup knowledge and market expertise. Someone who wants to dive into the startup ecosystem after having gained corporate experience. Someone who is able to find the needle in our tech haystack.

What are your responsibilities?

🔍Scouting through 100s of startups every day, analyzing and scoring these plus filtering out the best ones

🔍Finding market insights and creating in-depth reports about the tech ecosystem

đź“ŠClustering startups

đź“ŠPresenting companies and reports to our corporate customers

đź› Optimizing our operations processes

đź› Improving our data engine and customer-facing product


You are…

  • passionate for the startup ecosystem
  • experienced and know how corporates or consultancies work
  • deeply analytical and organized
  • available ASAP and fluent in English
  • hyper-ambitious and ready to push limits


Every team member at GlassDollar holds equity so that we will jointly participate in the company’s success.

We will additionally agree on a salary that you can live on comfortably.

Starting in November, most of our team will pack their stuff in order to escape the Berlin cold (at) the GD Winter Headquarters.

Does this sound like you?

Reach out to mehdi “at” glassdollar “dot” com with your LinkedIn. No CV required.

If interested, please apply here.

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