Senior VC Manager @ SK Hynix America in San Jose, CA

In today’s digital world, semiconductors are serving as the critical foundation and enabler of the IT industry. Semiconductors are more than just components; their performance now determines the performance of numerous IT devices. SK hynix mainly produces memory semiconductors such as DRAM and NAND flash that are essential components of various IT devices such as mobile and computing products, but the company’s portfolio also includes system semiconductors such as CMOS image sensors. Ever since the first pilot production of Korea’s very first 16Kb SRAM in 1984, SK hynix has been reinforcing its technological leadership by introducing a series of world’s first, smallest, fastest, and lowest-power innovations in the semiconductor industry.

Just as smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of modern lifestyle, more and more futuristic IT devices will continue to permeate our everyday lives. The advent of new digital products and the ever-expanding Internet of Things are driving the growth of demand and applications of semiconductors. Bolstered by such market trends, SK hynix has been achieving tremendous financial success and qualitative growth with its cutting-edge technologies.

As IT devices become smarter and more mobile-focused, demand is surging for more advanced semiconductors. In response, SK hynix has been solidifying its technological leadership while improving its product competitiveness in the high value-added premium product sector. In particular, SK hynix is continuously striving to achieve leadership in areas where the importance of semiconductors is rising, including mobile, server, and storage solutions. Meanwhile, the company is preparing next-generation memory technologies beyond DRAM and NAND flash, such as PCRAM, STT-MRAM, and ReRAM, in a bid to lead the future market.

Join us today in revolutionizing the DRAM/NAND memory storage business!


  • Conduct due diligence and source new investment opportunities
  • Conduct detailed analysis on current industry and competitive landscaping to identify emerging opportunity areas and develop investment thesis


  • Minimum 3 years in venture capital industry (corporate VC or financial VC) with deal sourcing responsibilities
  • 7 years of combined experiences in management consulting, investment banking, corporate development or strategy/engineering positions in semiconductor industry
  • Bachelor’s in Engineering or Business related degrees
  • Master’s in Business Administration or related field preferred
  • Bilingual (English/Korean) skills

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