Managing VC Director @ Lagomaj Capital in Austin, TX

Coming into 2021, the business is looking to build out a team capable of enhancing deal flow and growing the business across verticals. To do that, Lagomaj will be allocated significant funds every year for the foreseeable future. Previously our unique position has allowed us to fill gaps where normal funds couldn’t through creative means such as debt or JV financing. We’ve talked about acquiring portfolio companies entirely and have gone as far as to build one an R&D center. We aren’t bound by a PPM or whitepaper. By looking decades down the road, we can position ourselves uniquely, and by being opportunistic, flexible, and fast, we can capitalize on opportunities many can’t. Lagomaj will reinvest proceeds from exits, and more capital will be brought in to accelerate the rate at which the firm scales.

We are looking for a candidate with extensive venture experience that can properly articulate the Lagomaj story. This person should be capable of sourcing deals, evaluating potential executives, and all other due diligence before partnering with a startup while being based in our Austin, TX office. As venture is the core, but not all of our business, this person should be familiar with other asset classes at some level and be a generalist.

Over the next couple of years, our AUM will multiply at breakneck speeds, and we need someone who wants to help facilitate the firms’ growth.

  • MBA Preferred
  • Extensive venture experience
  • Capable of sourcing and diligencing deals
  • U.S. Citizen

If interested, please apply here.

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