VC Principal @ Superset in San Francisco, CA


super{set} founds, funds, and builds category-winning SaaS companies. Since its founding in 2019, super{set} has launched over fifteen companies from its first $90M fund. All super{set} companies use data to help businesses unlock the promise of AI/ML while advancing ethical technology. super{set}’s founders are leading technologists and serial entrepreneurs Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya.

The New Ventures Lead is a critical member of our team. super{set} does not invest in outside companies. Every company we build is formed in-house, and we fully seed-fund that company until we invite outside investors in starting at Series A. The New Ventures Lead is charged with the ideation and diligence process of new market opportunities and the formation of new companies. They work side-by-side Tom and Vivek and the rest of the core super{set} team.

This role is not a traditional venture investor position. This role is hands-on, entrepreneurial, and core to super{set}’s mission of company-building. The New Ventures Lead will have an outsized impact on setting the soil conditions for success for each new company we deploy our managed capital into. The New Ventures Lead’s daily responsibilities are closer to that of a product manager and a company founder.

You will hit the streets to unearth insights from industry participants. You will chase down potential customers and uncover specific problems we can build solutions for. You will be challenged day in and day out with the upside potential of not just being an employee but being the builder behind multiple category-winning companies from 0 to 1.


  • Lead ideation, concept & solution development, and commercial design of all new venture initiatives
  • Evolve our super{set} framework for new company creation to enable the deployment of $8-20M of seed capital each year as we accelerate our company-building process
  • Work closely with Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya in the design and execution of each new super{set} company

Strong candidates will be able to:

  • Synthesize large amounts of information and quickly generate a strong but loosely-held opinion on markets, products, and business problems
  • Solve new problems creatively and independently
  • Collaborate effectively with various stakeholders–executives, technical and sales teams, advisors, and investors
  • Engage industry experts and potential customers to get market feedback on new ventures and build customer demand for Stage 1 products


  • 5+ years of full-time experience
  • Product management experience – PM experience with enterprise data+AI products a major plus
  • Management consulting, corporate incubator, private equity, or venture capital experience a plus