VC Principal @ Iterative in San Francisco, CA


After funding 65+ companies, deploying tens of millions in venture capital, and scaling our internal team, we’ve found ourselves stretched for time. We’re looking for a Principal to join our team of passionate, genuine and smart people. The ideal candidate will report directly to Brian and be a part of our Investments team. As we continue to scale the number of investments we make and the size of the checks, you will play a critical role in driving new deals and executing our investment strategy. More importantly, you will increase Southeast Asia’s GDP through entrepreneurship and grow with a community of Founders helping other Founders.

What You’ll Do

  • Investment Decisions – you will be a key contributor to evaluating and selecting companies we invest in.
  • Write investment memos on companies that reach the final round of interviews. This typically includes digging into the problem the company is solving, researching competitors and identifying risk factors.
  • Make recommendations and be prepared to debate them with the partners. We’re big believers in strong opinions, loosely held. That starts with coming to the discussion with a point of view.
  • Thesis Development – you will work with the Partners and the team in developing market landscapes and points of view on emerging trends.
  • Talk to founders, experts, etc. who have more experience in an area you’re trying to understand

Who You Are

  • You have a track record of successful investments in high-growth start-ups. Your instincts are spot-on, and you’ve got the victories to prove it.
  • Numbers don’t scare you; they excite you. Your analytical and quantitative skills are second to none, allowing you to identify and evaluate investment opportunities with ease.
  • You’re not just a numbers person; you thrive in building relationships. Your ability to connect with key stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem is unmatched, and you know how to nurture and maintain those connections.
  • Experience being a Founder or working in a startup – you’re able to empathise with Founders and they see you as a mentor
  • Strong background in Finance or M&A analysis
  • Familiarity with the ASEAN Ecosystem (ie. Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc) is a plus

About Iterative

Iterative is an accelerator that invests exclusively in startups in Southeast Asia. Founded in March 2020 by Hsu Ken Ooi and Brian Ma, Iterative has raised $65M across 2 funds, invested in 65+ companies, 120+ founders and the total value of Iterative companies is now worth $1.2 billion.

Our investors include Cendana, K5 Global, Village Global, Goodwater Capital with participation from a large network of Silicon Valley founders and execs including Arash Ferdowsi (Dropbox), Achmad Zaky (Bukalapak), Andrew Chen (General partner a16z, Uber), Qasar Younis (Former COO YC, Applied Intuition), David Shim (Foursquare), Kum Hong Siew (Head of Airbnb Asia), Moses Lo (Founder, Xendit), and many more.

Iterative, as an organization, has 4 distinct functions and as a result, a team for each function.

  1. Recruiting – Find startups for Iterative to invest in
  2. Investments – Decide whether Iterative should invest in a startup
  3. Iterative Founders – Help the founders Iterative has invested in
  4. Support – Make Iterative a first-class organization

Iterative is currently a team of 10 and growing quickly across each of these teams.


These are the Iterative values. They’re not for everyone but if they speak to you, you might be just what we’re looking for.

  1. Iterate or Die – We take this literally. Ship early, get continuous feedback, and boldly experiment. If not the organization will die.
  2. Empathy is Our Competitive Advantage – Our success depends on our ability to empathize with other people in the organization and the community.
  3. Be Realistically Ambitious – The best strategy for making a big impact is to be realistic, have a plan and be ambitious.
  4. Responsibility is a Privilege, Not a Right – Being part of Iterative means being given responsibility for a part of our business. Be a good steward of that responsibility by being accountable, diligent and open-minded.