VC Investor @ Silence in London, England


The role

We are looking for an Investor to be based in London and join our investment team. We want to find a swiss army knife that will source deals, evaluate companies, contribute to investment decisions and support the overall fund operations.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in building a top tier global climate tech firm from the ground up and learn the skills to become an early stage VC investor, while meeting the most ambitious climate tech founders in the world.


Silence is a global early stage VC (currently on Stealth) that backs bold founders building the next trillion dollar companies to fight climate change. Silence is designed by founders for founders. We’ve experienced the excitement of raising several rounds of capital, the relentless passion to reach thousands of customers, we have built amazing teams with hundreds of talented individuals and scaled operations at the fastest pace.

Climate change is a threat to humanity and at the same time an extraordinary opportunity to create economic value. In fact, we see almost perfect correlation between climate and financial returns. Silence is the materialization of this vision.

Hence, we are building a team of rock stars that share this vision and join us in our mission.

The day to day

  1. Source the best climate tech deal flow: map and be active in all the hotspots where climate tech startups are launched or announced, do direct outreach to founders.
  2. Evaluate investment opportunities: conduct deep research and investment diligence on technical, business and market aspects to develop your track record.
  3. Investigate technology and market trends: research about emerging technologies, industry trends and geographic dynamics in the climate tech space.
  4. Support the internal operations of a growing fund: operate like an early stage company where everyone is all hands on deck, help with processes behind the scenes like managing the CRM or building the internal benchmark database.
  5. Learn how to spot exceptional opportunities: understand the risk and return potential of each deal, what challenges do founders face and how they execute. Get exposed to hundreds of founders to learn what to ask.

What we are looking for

  • You value ownership, you respond with hard work and pursue excellence.
  • You are an independent thinker, you have your own opinions and are not scared to voice them.
  • You enjoy being a hustler, you are scrappy and ambitious.
  • You are willing to receive feedback gracefully and give constructive feedback to others with empathy.
  • You are proactive and genuinely curious about how to evaluate early stage companies and founders.

Your abilities

  • You have high raw intelligence and can zoom in or out on complex subjects.
  • You are data driven and enjoy performing deep research.
  • You feel personally satisfied when processes run like clockwork.
  • You can work autonomously and ask for help when needed.
  • You communicate directly.
  • You can understand complex science (ideally Msc level, PhD is an extra) in a relevant field (chemical engineering, energy, material science, synbio…) to deeply evaluate the mechanics of companies like Solugen, Bolt Threats or Northvolt.
  • No prior experience required but it goes without saying that we expect you to be extremely passionate about climate tech startups.

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