VC Investor @ Co Ventures in Sydney, Australia

Co Ventures

This is the kind of job that doesn’t come around a lot, and when it does it is a wonderful opportunity to make history in the Australian venture ecosystem and for you to to be an integral part of it. Co Ventures is the first venture fund in Australian history to be 100% specialized on the pre-seed stage. It is also the first Solo GP fund in Australian history by a woman. Co Ventures is a small fund, with lots of ambition, and a shot to convert that ambition into meaningful impact for the Australian ecosystem. And to share that impact around. The fund is built with collaboration at its core, and seeks to unlock the power of community for the benefit of the companies we work for, the Venture Partners we work alongside, the LPs who have backed us, and the ecosystem as a whole.

The role of Platform Investor is a mix of investing, community development and community activation. In this role you will be responsible for helping to source great pre-seed deals by activating our community, evaluate deals, participating in the investment decision making process, and activating our community to support the companies we work for. You will also have a part to play in operating the fund and developing the community of companies we have invested in, and work for, as well as foster our community of Venture Partners and Limited Partners.


  • Build the beginnings of our pre-seed sourcing engine, sourcing 30 pre-seed companies a week.
  • Prepare and run our weekly deal flow review.
  • Run due diligence for potential investments, including assisting with company analysis, market sizing, competitive analysis, cap table, P&L, and returns analysis.
  • Build the first version of our Limited Partner and Venture Partner community development and engagement strategies.
  • Assist in the execution of new investments including investment memos, deal structuring, legal review.
  • Ecosystem building and market research.
  • Engage all aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem including investors, founders, thought leaders, and represent Co Ventures.
  • Assist in supporting the companies we work for, by helping them find the right person in our Venture Partner and Limited Partner networks to assist.

Your Journey so far:

  • At least 4 years of work experience, preferably in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Consulting, Start-ups, Corporate Development or Investment Banking.
  • You have been interested in the start-up ecosystem for a while now, and either actively participating or dabbling via advisory gigs.
  • It would be wonderful, but not necessary, if you had invested in start-ups before, either as an angel investor or by doing work for equity.
  • You have been in high ambiguity environments before, and you thrive in them. You love working in small teams, and are comfortable with the wide scope of activities that requires. Co Ventures is a tiny team, we are in a highly dynamic space and growing quickly.

If you’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, and you want to build your career in venture, you’ll fit right in. We’ve got an incredible opportunity in front of us, a team cranking to execute, and we need someone else to help us get there.