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TXV Partners

Are you a highly motivated individual with a passion for early-stage venture capital? Join TXV Partners, a premier early-stage VC firm in Austin, TX, for a summer internship experience like no other. Our Summer Investment Analyst program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive education in the world of VC, from sourcing and evaluating potential investments to assisting our portfolio companies. This 10-week program will offer you the unique opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in a real-world setting, while also gaining invaluable insights into the industry. If you’re ready to take your career and education to the next level, this is the program for you. Apply now to join our team and embark on a transformative journey in the exciting and dynamic field of venture capital.

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Our Summer Investment Analyst program is a ten-week program that focuses on giving highly motivated, accomplished individuals from all types of backgrounds experience in venture capital. The program is designed to give you exposure to almost all aspects of a VC firm including sourcing and screening companies, conducting due diligence, and helping portfolio companies. We designed our internship with two goals in mind: 1) learn as much as possible and 2) do real work.

Qualifications Sought:

  • Enrolled in a four-year undergraduate degree program or enrolled in a 4+1 Master’s program
  • Rising Junior or Senior during summer 2023 with at least one semester of classes remaining after internship
  • Strong academic record
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong client-facing communication skills
  • Self-starter, ability to work independently
  • Gritty and resilient mentality
  • Team-oriented and trying to win

The Day to Day

The core function of a VC firm is to see as many deals as possible. As such, a lot of your job will be to speak to as many entrepreneurs as possible, ascertaining their growth prospects and momentum. You’ll attend events and build your network. You’ll learn how to screen businesses, making quick assessments that are both qualitative and quantitative. You’ll participate in the full deal lifecycle, seeing how deals are sourced, vetted, and invested in.

For the other part of the program, you’ll select a specific TXV portfolio company and get a sense of how a startup is run. You’ll do research on the sector, understanding the markets in which the company operates and how the company we backed can win in that sector. Once getting a sense of how the company works, you’ll assist the portfolio company in whichever way they can be supported- sitting in on strategy sessions, sourcing experts, doing market research, and talking to customers.


  • Interview 5-10 companies a week for 8 weeks
  • Write a research report on a TXV portfolio company
  • Complete a market-mapping of a particular sector
  • Source potential partnerships for portfolio companies

Additional Details:

  • Location: Austin, TX or Remote
  • Compensation: Pay is highly competitive and based on previous experience

TXV Partners is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that a diverse team brings unique perspectives and experiences that are essential to our success. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds and experiences to apply for this internship.

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Summer Analyst Program 2022 Recap

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