VC Internship (Research) @ Anthos Capital in Santa Monica, CA

Anthos Capital

Anthos is a generalist venture capital firm with over $3B of assets under management. Venture capital is what fuels new and innovative businesses, and – since our founding in 2007 – we’ve had the privilege of investing in and working with the founders of Guayaki, Gopuff, Olaplex, Trunk Club, ApplyBoard, VRChat, and dozens of other category-leading start-ups to build their businesses. We purposely maintain a low profile, in keeping with our general ethos of humility and heads-down work ethic.

The background of our diverse team possesses a good balance across finance – Goldman Sachs, Luxor, Ares, Summit – and consumer tech – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Apple, Venmo, and more.Interns have long been a core talent pipeline for us, with many converting to full-time analysts and advancing to more senior positions over time.

While our program is highly selective, we welcome people from all walks of life, majors, schools, and passions to apply – and have found that our most successful interns share several common traits: grit and focus, extreme curiosity, diligence, optimism, and imagination. If that describes you, we encourage you to apply!


For over 10 years, Anthos has invited summer interns to join our team for a highly collaborative, well-supported, and fun experience. Below are the details for our 2023 summer program:

  • For rising Seniors
  • 10 weeks, from June 13 to August 25
  • $1500 sign-on bonus, and $1200 per week
  • Paired with an investor, many of whom are former interns themselves
  • Office location in Santa Monica, CA
  • Highly selective full-time analyst offers made at the conclusion of the program
  • 1 full week of immersive training to get you and the other interns up-to-speed on VC and what an Anthos deal looks like
  • A cohort of 10-13 other summer interns to work with and learn from
  • Plethora of social events to get to know the full Anthos team
  • Open to those who are legally able to work in the U.S.

By the end of the summer, you will have made new friends and learned about what it means to be a Research Analyst at Anthos.YOUR ROLE:The Research team applies independent thinking and analytical rigor to make a recommendation on whether or not to invest in a proposed deal. They take the Sourcing team’s ideas and turn them inside-out and upside-down to assess the financial viability of the investment. Diving into unfamiliar industries and topics, the Research team needs to quickly get up-to-speed and become the resident expert, armed with the facts. As a Research intern, you’ll get to play a role in a full “due diligence” of a company or companies.

  • Unbiased, methodical analyses.
    • Run quantitative analyses on key metrics such as customer acquisition cost, customer retention, growth ratios, and overall unit economics.
    • Perform research on overall industry trends, competitive landscape and dynamics, total addressable market size (TAM), etc. that may impact the prospects of companies. This includes staying on top of news articles, government reports, equity research, market analysis, and trade journals.
  • Data collection and generation.
    • Work with the Sourcing team and apply your own hypothesis-driven thinking to determine what additional data might help inform the decision.
    • Chase down data through online research, using Anthos customer advisory groups, analyzing in-store pricing, etc. Creativity is welcome, as long as we derive meaningful insights!
  • Fact-finding interviews.
    • Determine which experts can shed additional light on a problem, and set up information-gathering calls.
    • Speak with founders to get any “due diligence” questions answered.
  • Development of recommendations supported by facts and data.
    • Pull together comprehensive data packs for the investment team to review for their decision-making.
    • Simplify complex analyses into digestible charts and summaries.
  • Ad hoc projects to assist the broader Anthos team.


  • Rising senior at a top university with a strong GPA and work experience. Analytical or finance majors may be ideally positioned, but we’ve seen success across other majors. Knowledge of SQL, Tableau, or other analytical tools is a plus.
  • Relentlessness, unwavering work ethic, and coachability. This includes self-motivation, drive, and the ability to grind under tight timelines and pressure. The type of person who is successful at Anthos is open to constructive feedback because their broader goal is to continuously improve, not be “right”.
  • Independent thinking, strong quantitative chops, and extreme curiosity. Don’t follow the crowd, use your own intuition and facts to determine what will succeed. Show a passion for numbers and data, and let your rigor and analyses give you confidence.
  • Immense capacity for learning, ingesting facts and data, and having strong attention to detail. Investing means drinking from the firehose always, even as a seasoned professional. Identifying patterns and remembering details will be crucial. In your end-products, details are not missed.
  • Ability to connect the dots about businesses and what’s happening in the world around you. This is what we mean by business acumen. It’s not something you learn in Econ class; it’s using logic, asking questions, and figuring out what’s going on before others do.
  • Collaboration and low ego. Our unique functional model requires team members to support each other to be successful. We’re all in this together. We don’t tolerate high egos or people who are in it for themselves.

Anthos Capital is committed to cultivating a fair, inclusive and equal work environment, and we’re proud of being the rare VC that has 50/50 gender representation across all levels. We strive to be a place where each team member is empowered to come to work as their true self.