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Ganas Ventures Deal Partner Application

Apply to become a Ganas Ventures Deal Partner. 🤩 Who should apply: Accredited and unaccredited founders, funders, and ecosystem friends who want to help the best community-driven companies get funded! 👀 Why apply? If you become a Ganas Deal Partner who refers companies Ganas invests in, you will get 20% of the fund’s carry on a per deal basis and get to build your portfolio. 📚 What is Ganas Ventures: Ganas Ventures invests in pre-seed and seed Web 2 and Web 3 community-driven startups in the US and Latin America. It’s run by solo-GP Lolita Taub. ​​ ⚙️ How the Deal Partner Program works: 1/ You submit your application to get approved 2/ We send you a unique referral link to share with founders you want Ganas Ventures to consider for investment consideration 3/ We add you to our Ganas Ventures Partner page 4/ You refer startups to Ganas Ventures 5/ When you find a startup Ganas invests in, Ganas grants you carry on the deal 👊🏽 The Ganas Team To learn more about Ganas Ventures, visit: To learn more about Lolita Taub or ask her questions, visit: