VC Fellowship @ Pedalstart in Remote


PedalStart Fellowship

The PedalStars Cohort Programme, our flagship Cohort programme, is for empowering Startup Enthusiasts through a community-Driven Experience Learning Programme for becoming strong core team members. As a PedalStar, you will acquire the desired skills and mindset that are required to be a core team member of an early-stage, funded startup.

Introducing a game-changing 3-month-long cohort designed exclusively for hustlers who aspire to build their careers in the dynamic startup ecosystem This programme offers a unique opportunity for individuals to receive comprehensive training and experience the exhilarating journey from zero to one by working with multiple startups simultaneously.

As a PedalStar, you can expect the below key pointers:

  • Experience the hustle culture. Be a hustler, experience the startup culture, and learn execution from the existing core team members of aggressively growing startups. Be a part of the 0-1 journey.
  • Skills enhancement: Enhance skills like Communication, MS Office, Canva, Data analytics, and Business Ethics by practically applying your ideas to the execution process.
  • Placement as a core team member: Guaranteed Placement with PedalStart Portfolio Startup as a core team member after successful completion of 3 months with a minimum CTC of 5LPA + ESOPs.
  • Networks: Opportunity to leverage community networks and build yourself in the shadow of experienced individuals like mentors, friends, and investors
  • Ecosystems and Vertical Understanding: We ensure that each PedalStar gets a keen understanding of the ecosystem and each of the existing verticals by engaging them in cross-functional operations.
  • Peer Growth: We strongly believe that we all need people around us who will give us feedback; that’s how we identify our shortcomings, brainstorm solutions, and eventually grow!




  • Passionate about the startup ecosystem and the VC ecosystem
  • Who can devote full time to this cohort programme!! Working hours would be 7 days a week and 30 or 31 days a month.
  • The programme is designed for startup enthusiasts and individuals who aspire to build their careers in the dynamic startup ecosystem. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, which includes traits such as creativity, adaptability, resilience, and a willingness to take risks, can be beneficial.


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