VC Fellow @ Atlantic Labs in Berlin, Germany

Atlantic Labs

We are on the brink of a food revolution where farmers transition from ploughing fields to operating bioreactors in order to produce the calories our growing population requires. Technological advancements like genetic modification, cell-free SynBio, new computational models, and cell culture innovations drive this revolution. With improved processes and enhanced infrastructure, we will see products like cell-based beef or mycelium-based pork reach cost parity with their animal equivalents – thereby affecting the lives of billions.

At FoodLabs, we have spent the last half-decade building and backing companies that have challenged the status quo in the food industry while stretching the imagination of consumers. Our portfolio includes companies such as Formo (animal-free dairy), Infarm (large-scale vertical farming) and Meatable (cell-based beef). Despite these exciting innovations, there is still a long way to go. With the pandemic dragging on and the war in Ukraine continuing to rage, the constraints in our supply chain have become evident. The United Nations expects the number of people with insufficient access to food to soar from 440Mn to 1.6Bn. Equivalently, global food production corresponds to 13.7Bn metric tons of CO2 emissions, representing 26% of man-made emissions. We see it as our mission at FoodLabs find innovative solutions that can make our production more efficient and sustainable.


We are excited to expand the FoodLabs Studio team with a dedicated Life Sciences Fellow. This role is a 6-month opportunity based in our office in Berlin, with frequent travel throughout Europe. You will be supporting the Studio team in ideating new business opportunities, hiring Entrepreneurs in Residence, validating businesses, and making investment decisions within the life science domain.

As an integral part of the pre-seed team, the Life Sciences Venture Fellow will be:

  • Ideating company-building opportunities by identifying technologies and scientific advancements that will positively impact economies and societies;

  • Working with Entrepreneurs in Residence to validate scientific plans and models;

  • Independently managing crucial parts of various simultaneous workstreams and contributing to decision-making processes; and

  • Attending life science meetups to build out the FoodLabs network and brand within the community.

Job requirements


  • A strong understanding and passion for life sciences;

  • A bachelor’s degree in a life sciences-related field, e.g. Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry or other

  • The ability to articulate opinions on opportunities and technologies;

  • Analytical rigour when analysing markets, trends, and technologies;

  • Adaptability and flexibility to meet the needs of a fast-paced environment; and

  • Strong command of the English language.