VC Associate @ SEP Ventures in Mumbai, India

SEP Ventures

About SEP Ventures

SEP Ventures is an operating VC firm based out of Mumbai. We help the founders build successful companies by helping them navigate the problems they face while starting and scaling up. With a growing portfolio, we want to bring additional enthusiasts who are willing to work in dynamic roles across multiple portfolio companies.


Remote; may relocate to Mumbai after proven track record


  1. Conduct in-depth research on various sectors and industries across the value chain, existing business models, customer journey and estimate unit economics and Total Addressable Market (TAM) to derive actionable business insights.
  2. Ask thoughtful questions to the management & industry experts to strengthen your take on the businesses you are working on.
  3. Prepare detailed investment write-ups and create pitch decks for Fundraising & Business Development purposes.
  4. Build detailed Financial/Business Plans for portfolio companies that convey the business in fluid and intuitive way.
  5. Drive the entire investment processes including but not limited to creating data room for due diligence, analyze term sheets and answering investor queries for portfolio companies. 
  6. Work closely with the management to improve the strategic outcomes of the business by defining and guiding long-term product strategy.
  7. Assess financial metrics and monthly growth numbers of various portfolio companies.
  8. Understand and formulate opinions on industry trends and drive the investment thesis of the company.

Skills Required

  1. Strong research capabilities
  2. Analytical skills to derive fundamental business/industry insights 
  3. Data analysis & interpretation skills
  4. Business Plan / Financial Modelling
  5. Designing & capturing business journey through pitch decks in a lucid way
  6. Business documentation
  7. Storytelling & strong communication skills 


  1. Personal interest and passion to work in an start-up/VC ecosystem
  2. Outperformance as an operator in a high-growth company or proven investing prowess
  3. Outperformer in academic, professional and extracurricular activities
  4. A self-starter with a proven record of taking the initiative to create opportunities
  5. Excellent interpersonal, communication, public speaking and presentation skills
  6. Good command over MS Office tools like Excel, Word and PPT
  7. Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities