VC Associate @ Pillar in Boston, MA

Pillar VC

Pillar VC is a venture capital firm based in Boston investing in companies at formation and seed stage with $350 million under management. We believe VC doesn’t have to be the darkside — we’re happy to own common stock, the same security as the founders we back, and we’re committed to helping founders develop as leaders. 

Pillar VC is currently investing out of a $192 million Fund 3, of which approximately $60M is dedicated to investments in biotech companies. Our biotech investments include companies across therapeutics, analytics, data, and synthetic biology like Asimov, PathAI, Kula Bio, GRO Biosciences, Matterworks, GALY, New Equilibrium, Modern Synthesis and Compound Foods. 

Many of the most important problems in the next 20 years are biological problems. Today we are at an inflection point: we are rapidly gaining the ability to read and write biology at every level. Yet, while we have seen large capital inflows to biotech, company formation has not kept pace with VC dollars available to invest. Instead, more and more capital aggregates in a small number of companies. We believe we can change this — by investing in founder-led biotech companies

In addition to biotech, we back unstoppable founders across crypto, deep enterprise SaaS and university spinouts. We’re proud investors in companies including PillPack, Desktop Metal, Hometap, Jellyfish, Zapata, Higharc, Sofar Sounds, Asimov, and PathAI.

Beyond capital, our team brings deep operating experience to each investment we make. We provide guidance from over 40 CEOs who are the co-founders of our firm and have built unicorn companies including Wayfair, DraftKings, Ginkgo Bioworks, PillPack and Demandware. We’re often the first-capital-in, surrounding founders with support in the form of talent recruitment, CEO coaching, customer introductions, PR, peer communities and more.  

To learn more about Pillar and how we support our companies, please click here.

A qualified candidate may exude all or some of these qualities:

  • You thrive on building new relationships, and are a constant presence at events and in online forums. You enjoy connecting with people and hearing their stories.
  • You have a voracious appetite for researching and learning new things; your curiosity constantly leads you to new ideas and new people.
  • You’re able to work independently developing new ideas, conducting research, and sharing what you learn with others.

  • You are extremely well organized, seamlessly keeping track of deadlines and projects.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment, and are always ready for the next challenge. 


  • Identify key biotech advances by reading scientific publications, reaching out to academic scientists, building networks and leveraging automation tools. 
  • Meet with scientists and founders, helping our investing team cultivate and evaluate new investment opportunities.
  • Work closely with the Principal and General Partner on making key investment decisions. 

  • Support portfolio companies by building relationships with a global network of founders, senior leaders, and experts who can help accelerate new company development. 
  • Research emerging trends in biotech, informing our team about new ideas and opportunities you discover. 
  • Write about what you’re seeing and learning for our newsletter and blog, sharing your perspective with our community.

If interested, please apply here.