VC Associate @ NFX in San Francisco, CA


NFX is tripling down on web3. For that, we need you.

It’s been a long time coming, but the world – at large – is ready for crypto. We want to be investing more, we want to be supporting our founders more, and we want to be contributing to the community more. And for that, we need help.

Ok so…who are we looking for? We’re glad you asked!

The What

Broadly, we’re looking for an investment team member, associate-level, to support our web3 efforts.

This role has five main components:

  1. Manage inbound deal flow and help source outbound deal flow
  2. Help to make decisions around investments – conduct diligence about the company, research the broader market, help craft theses around investments, analyze competitive landscapes
  3. Help to manage a portfolio of companies in the web3 space
  4. Set up the processes for NFX’s web3 investment platform
  5. Represent NFX web3 in the world – attend conferences, participate in Discords, be yourself on Twitter

The Who

“You” are both crypto-literate and crypto-obsessed. You’re constantly learning about the new protocol, trying the new product, and joining the new Discord. You know a lot but you always want to learn more.

You are an organized, execution-oriented person who is willing to wear many hats. You are flexible and thrive in a fast-paced environment where every day is different.

You love people. You want to help identify the next big thing while also wanting to nurture the existing portfolio.


Web3 is a meritocracy so the below are more guidelines than rules. Web3 is also about exceptions to rules. With that:

  • 2-4 years of work experience, with a focus on working on teams, strong analytics, information synthesis, and the ability to think critically
  • Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly motivated and self-starting; strategic thinking skills coupled with strong tactical execution; Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Operationally savvy and is an outstanding team member. Cooperates and works with many stakeholders cross-functionally within the firm and outside of it.
  • Strong organizational skills with excellent prioritization and task management skills
  • Interest and certain experience/knowledge in/about the Web3 space
  • Based in SF/the Bay Area*

*We know web3 also lives on the internet, has no borders, etc, etc. But, we also believe in the value of interacting in person. If for no other reason than it is fun. And life is too short to not have fun. We’re in the process of renovating an incredible office in Hayes Valley (San Francisco) and plan on that being NFX Web3 HQ.

A bit more on NFX

NFX is a generalist pre-seed and seed fund. We invest in anything from rockets to marketplaces to…all-things-web3.

NFX is short-hand for “network effects.”

Network effects are (really) nice to have for web2. But network effects are a must-have for web3. You’re ngmi (sorry we had to) in web3 without network effects.

The high-level stat: We recently closed a 3rd fund of $450M and manage over $1.3B.

If you made it this far…

Thank you! Let’s take the next step…

Please send us:

  • A link that best represents where you live on the internet (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • A note on why you want to be part of the NFX investment team, and why you’re the most qualified.
  • Any work/contribution you’ve had to the web3 ecosystem to help us understand why you’re the one.