VC Associate @ Moxxie Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Moxxie Ventures

Moxxie Ventures is a seed stage firm focused on backing exceptional founders who make life and work better. We are former operators from Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Kitty Hawk and have invested in over 100 early-stage companies including Airtable, Cameo, Carta, Coinbase, MainStreet, Modern Fertility and Literati. Our first fund was $25M and has backed 30 companies including August Health, Certn, Daily, Luminai, Overstory and Rewind. We are currently investing out of our $85M Fund II and a $30M opportunity fund, MoMoxxie.
We’d like to grow our team and are looking for 1-2 people to help us with the following:
You have a strong, differentiated, deal sourcing network, and enjoy researching, developing, selecting, and championing new deals. Perhaps you hang out in hacker houses, or are otherwise in touch with a network of strong founders and potential founders across one of more verticals. You love discovering the next exciting company before anyone else, and have a discerning eye for true excellence and potential.
Thesis Development
You are an excellent researcher, and/or spotter of trends, and like to get into the details to become a true “mini-expert” in new areas. In particular, we are most excited about AI application companies in health-tech, climate-tech, etc. Those are just a few areas of particular interest – not an exhaustive list. You can do primary research, talk to a variety of experts, come up with theses and then find promising companies that meet those thesis. You like to discover new areas and educate others (us!).
You enjoy deep, structured thinking in a new area or company. You are not afraid to run a detailed process to enumerate unknowns and relentlessly evaluate them. In addition to researching companies, you enjoy “building the diligence process” based on what we’ve learned over time.
We have conviction on the above areas that we’d like to augment our capabilities in, but, we do not yet have strong beliefs on how this maps to a specific number or type of people to hire. Moxxie Ventures is itself a startup, and we want to work with people who will dive in and make impact without needing a very clearly structured role. You will be allowed to contribute wherever you are passionate and can contribute. Your ambition and skill and hard work is the limit, not any box you get put in!
This full-time role can be based anywhere in the United States. We expect that the sourcing functions, in particular, are most likely to be successful in the Bay Area or New York, but that is not a hard requirement.
Lastly and importantly, we believe that diversity in our experiences and backgrounds make us stronger. We strongly encourage candidates of any race, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, age and any other status to apply.


    • Sourcing, thesis development, and company / sector dilligence.
    • Supporting our portfolio companies to help them achieve product market fit, build their go-to-market function and transform entire industries.
    • Developing resources and programs to help support our portfolio as much as possible (e.g. recruiting, design, PR).
    • Writing quarterly updates to LPs and the investor community.
    • Helping us build the firm.
    • We are an early fund (founded in 2019), and welcome ideas or best practices learned from your experience that we can adapt to make us the best seed stage VC firm in the world.


    • Keep in mind this is a wish list, enumerating a lot of things that would be additive to us. This is not a “a successful candidate must have all these things” list.
    • We want you to know what truly excellent early stage startup execution looks like. We are agnostic how you obtained this (experience at a VC, at a startup or other operating role, etc).
    • Strong written and oral communication skills with an emphasis on thoughtful, clear communication.
    • Strong organizational skills with excellent prioritization and task management skills.
    • Curious and creative thinker. Ability to know the right questions to ask and develop unique ways to uncover information in opaque and emerging markets.
    • Experience building financial models.
    • Team player with a collaborative attitude.
    • We’re an early-stage firm and value a strong work ethic, humility and a can-do mindset. No job is too big or too small for any of us.
    • Preference for depth and track record of accomplishment in some technical field.
    • Work experience at tech companies (ideally startups), most likely in an engineering or product role. We find having worked inside companies that look like the companies we invest in can be very helpful.