VC Associate @ General Inception in Palo Alto, CA

General Inception

General Inception is pioneering company creation as the first Igniter company. As an Igniter, General Inception brings a new way to partner with inventors to ignite innovation and nurture transformational companies. As a co-founder, General Inception brings together domain expertise, executive talent, infrastructure resources, and capital to nurture and scale growth throughout the entire company journey.

Ignite – Nurture – Scale – Repeat

Successful team members in this role will have the skillset needed to pursue multiple opportunities, including being promoted to a Manager, then Director at General Inception, joining a high-growth startup, starting their own company, or continuing a venture career at another fund. As Manager, you will augment our internal research function and make and defend hypotheses collaboratively as a part of the investment team.

What You’ll Do:

· Work with the Practice Lead to identify opportunities in Medical Devices and Digital Health across different areas (instruments, reagents, software, diagnostics):

· Systematic scientific literature searches

· Generation of databases

· Identification of KOLs/inventors and technologies

· Perform technology and/or market due diligence on investment opportunities

· Market and competition analysis

– Business and Regulatory Intelligence

– Scientific/technical and commercial benchmarking

· IP review

· Confirm problem: solution match with KOLs

· Source KOLs from referrals, literature, etc.

· Develop market research questions and conduct interviews

· Develop preliminary business plan around problem: solution matrix, considering:

· Description of the problem

– Cost of the problem

– Size of the opportunity

– Description of the solution

– Impact of the solutionon the problem

– Existing solutions, competitors, and market

– Definition of USP/value proposition for the technology

Qualifications & Skills:

· MD or PhD in science (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine)

– Familiarity with Medical Devices and Digital Health technologies is a plus

· Interest in business and consulting

· Inquisitive analytical mind with deep understanding of the scientific method

· Ability to see the big picture but with skill for detail-oriented execution

· Sensitivity to deadlines and commitments

· Ability to write clearly and summarize complex subjects in simple manner

· Both inductive & deductive reasoning ability