VC Associate @ Edge Case Capital Partners in Remote

Edge Case Capital Partners

Edge Case Capital Partners (“ECCP”) is an early-stage venture capital company that focuses on investing in startups founded by dedicated entrepreneurs. We are constantly looking to see as many deals (startups) as possible for us to potentially invest in.

We are looking for people (Interns/Associates – we call them “Edge Case Associates”) to help us reach out to college campus places and organizations, and local venture capital companies and angel investment groups, to find startups, facilitate deal flow, and raise awareness of our company. To date, we have had over 50 successful on-campus Edge Case Associates.

Startups need capital, and Edge Case Capital Partners wants to invest in them now.

We will teach you how to do this. You don’t need any experience. You just need to be a high-quality, reliable person with a fledging passion for startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capital. We understand internships, and your growth and development is at the core of this program.

New for 2023. The E-Course.

Edge Case Capital Partners has created an amazing online E-Course to teach our Edge Case Associates about the venture capital business, Edge Case Capital Partners’ place in it, and how to be a fantastic venture capital scout on your campus.

Our E-Course is designed to give you what you need to get started as an Edge Case Associate quickly. It is not a thorough course in venture capital finance. It is conceived and written in an entrepreneurial “get out and do it” style that will help you jump right into working on connecting to startups and generating “deal flow.”

Here is the Venture Capital world we work in.

Here is what Edge Case Capital Partners does.

Here is how you can participate as an Edge Case Associate.

Now jump in and get yourself valuable game-changing experience.

ECCP’s approach is to help you quickly grow your learning curve, learn to ask the right questions, and assist you as you discover if you have the passion to continue as a venture capitalist. You might reach out directly to campus organizations, accelerators, and incubators; connect with alumni networks; attend pitch events; and source from any and every possible place on and around your campus where a startup might be operating. Startups are looking for investments, so these entrepreneurs will often be excited to meet with you and talk about their businesses.

Each time Edge Case Capital Partners is presented a deal, we review it as a team (you are at the center of it all). You will be the liaison between ECCP and the startup to help us build a basic understanding of their business. We need to get to know the management team, their company, their ethics, their plans, their ideas, their product, and get many questions answered.

If you are interested in pursuing business, finance, or financial analysis, meeting new and creative entrepreneurial people, working with startups, and learning the process of building something from nothing, then this would be good for you.

Note: The entire company is thankfully virtual/remote working & Edge Case Capital Partners’ Program Coordinator is always available to help you during this course and internship.

Program Length and Commitment

We highly encourage interns to stay for a minimum of one semester in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered and the numerous benefits offered (including getting school credit), and get a well-rounded experience. After that, we can evaluate each other and see if there is a mutual agreement to continue.

Please Note: This is an unpaid internship. There should be no expectation of compensation. This is an educational environment where we highly encourage you to seek school credit for this internship (and we will work with you to get it). You will be complimenting and not displacing any employee. There is no promise of a paid job at the conclusion of this internship.