VC Associate @ Concrete Rose Capital in Remote

Concrete Rose Capital

Our vision at Concrete Rose is to create a virtuous cycle of wealth and opportunity with and for underrepresented people of color.



We’re an early-stage venture capital firm investing financial & social capital into exceptional ventures led by underrepresented founders of color, founders addressing the needs of underrepresented consumers of color, and founders with a demonstrated commitment to creating inclusive cultures and building diverse teams. To accelerate the virtuous cycle, we commit 50% of our carry to the Concrete Rose Community Foundation, which drives resources to effective nonprofit initiatives working to close opportunity gaps for underrepresented talent.



As our Investment Associate you will bring your intersectional perspective into our structured investing diligence process. You are someone we can count on to…

  • Own: Conducting primary and secondary research on specific companies that we are considering investing in across a range of sectors and investment themes.
  • Teach: Develop unique, research-based insights into new market trends and opportunities in areas such as Sustainability, Future of Work, Financial Inclusion, and others, to share with the broader team.
  • Learn: How to evaluate opportunities with a lens for equity and the value we can add.
  • Improve: Over time, standardize and streamline our diligence processes.



  • 1 month you will… Provide immediate support on managing and evaluating active deals we’re considering investing in, as well as the ongoing monitoring of existing portfolio companies.
  • 3 months you will… Pre-qualify investment opportunities by connecting 1:1 with founders to learn about their visions & product, while sharing about our own vision & value-add.
  • 6 months you will… Support on investment theme development and research deep dives, enabling CR to take thought leadership positions in select investment theses.
  • 12 months you will… Standardized and streamlined diligence processes, enabling our firm to move more quickly and with more conviction on making investments into exceptional companies.



More than arbitrary experience, we’re really looking for the following skills & mindsets:

  • You can digest large amounts of information and turn them into brief, concise takeaways that you communicate clearly orally and in writing.
  • You quickly grasp complex ideas & implications, meaning that you can learn about a new climate technology and HR software in the same day!
  • You have demonstrated the ability to manage multiple tasks across shifting timelines and levels of priority.
  • You are able to run processes and communicate with multiple parties about action items as well as the big-picture timeline.
  • You are able to break down an industry and opportunity quantitatively, using data and numbers to inform and communicate your point of view.
  • You listen to understand (vs. to respond), meaning that you can extract the key points in a conversation or presentation, and then paraphrase accurately & concisely.
  • You recognize and can name your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior, you can understand the emotions and concerns of other people and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization, and you know how to develop and maintain inspiring and influential relationships.
  • Through previous work or on your own time, you have been proactive in learning about the VC ecosystem and what it takes to build a successful, venture-backed company. You also have some awareness of issues of equity in who gets funding, and are willing to learn and try new ways of doing things instead.



  • Remote or hybrid, open to collaborating on the best approach. As a hybrid team-member, you’ll meet in Palo Alto, California at least 2-3x/week

Submit your application (resume & a cover letter) to