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s16vc is hiring an Investment Analyst

Full-time | Remote

s16vc is an early-stage founders for founders fund launched in 2020 by the founders & executives of global companies incl. Miro, Goldman Sachs, Borzo, and DLA Piper.

The fund partners have been friends for 10+ years and back in the day started what over years has grown to one of the largest tech founder communities in Eastern Europe. Today our wider community comprises over 350 active founders from around the world, including founders of the fast-growing & established tech unicorns (like Hopin, Miro, UiPath, Intercom, and others), as well as founders of several renowned global VC funds.

Over a year, the fund has demonstrated an extremely strong PMF with founders, and given the investment dynamics we are keen to welcome another investment professional to the team.

  • Our Story & Values

    In 2010, when we were making our first steps as entrepreneurs and future executives, we yearned for ways of sharing knowledge and supporting each other. Three of us settled in a big apartment on Shmitovsky 16 (S16) and opened our doors for regular meetings with like-minded entrepreneurs. That move turned out to be instrumental. We learned through each other, motivated and supported each other, and built lifelong friendships.

    Our small gatherings grew into a tribe of hundreds of like-minded people. We are certain that this community is the common denominator behind our success. Even though the majority of tribe members are very successful entrepreneurs and executives, the community is united by shared values rather than any kind of material KPIs.

    These values are:

    • Community, not individual
    • Trust
    • Transparency
    • Intrinsic motivation to help
    • Pay forward
    • Beginner mindset
    • People succeed, not ideas

    The community has long outgrown its founders and small gatherings at Shmit 16 and evolved into many initiatives driven by different people. Twice a year we help organize the legendary closed business event – Founders for Founders. Our members organize a camp at Burning Man. We try our best to spread our knowledge to a wider audience through our Telegram channel.

    Whatever we do, s16vc stands for preservation and adherence to our values. And s16vc, being the only commercial endeavor, is no exception. We invest in people who share these values and take money from like-minded LPs, making our tribe stronger with every founder we back and every investor we bring inside the community.

S16VC is on the lookout for an Investment Analyst

The mission of an Investment Analyst is to take ownership of various key investment process workflows and help s16vc core team to execute deals, ensuring that s16vc makes data-driven decisions in key areas of investment process and making sure s16vc delivers best experience to founders when it comes to working with us as a fund.

We expect the candidates for this position to possess:

  • 1-2 years of experience in tech (data analytics, product management) or finance (investment banking, VC, PE),
  • excellent command of written and oral English,
  • experience in preparing analytical materials, financial modeling and market research
  • understanding of the VC deal process and key deliverables expected from deal team.

Key responsibilities comprise:

  • timely execution of the deal processes: CRM maintenance, coordination of GP and other relevant parties engagement in deal process
  • preparation of high quality supporting documents for deal process that will drive investment decisions: memos, financial models and other analytical materials
  • administration of workflows related to portfolio management and deal analytics data collection that will be integral to build the fund’s data platform
  • driving marketing materials preparation (presentations, dashboards with current portfolio overview, etc.) and communication with prospect LPs during fundraising

What we offer:

  • culture of intellectual freedom and ability to learn from founders with diverse backgrounds and industry focus on a daily basis
  • competitive compensation and benefits
  • participation in our infamous community events and hanging out with even more founders!

Short exercise:

As a part of the application we’d like you to complete a short exercise.

As an investment analyst you were asked to analyze a company called (, you’ll need to prepare a short note with preliminary deal analysis.

Please include following items:

  • Market sizing analysis. How would you estimate company’s addressable and serviceable markets? How would you estimate Krisp’s current and target market share?
  • Business model analysis: is it a B2B or B2C-focused business? How would you assess business model key growth drivers?