VC Analyst @ OMERS Ventures in Palo Alto, CA

OMERS Ventures

Are you looking to join a dynamic pension plan that embodies the strong values of its 500,000 members and is an industry leading global investor?    If so, we would love to tell you our story.

At OMERS we put our people first and are proud to embrace the diversity of thought and leadership that comes from having locations in Toronto, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and other major cities across North America and Europe.  Our culture is truly one of a kind. We get stuff done, and have fun doing it!  We take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live with an ever-constant eye to the global investment markets.

OMERS Ventures is recruiting a Financial Analyst to join the US investment team in our Palo Alto office. 

We’re back! On the heels of some successful recent hires, OMERS Ventures is back in the market looking to add one more team member. This time, we’re looking for a star Financial Analyst to join our crew.

Since we launched the office four years ago, we’ve been steadily growing the team such that today, we are a team of six investors. Our first hires were all by design – we were looking for professionals who had already found their domain passion and had a network but simply wanted to try a different role, one as an investor. This role will be our first generalist role – someone who’s spent a few years cutting their teeth in banking, corporate development, and/or FP&A and wants a chance to learn what venture capital is all about.

An ideal candidate is someone who is quantitatively driven and believes that data tells a story. If you can read financials in your sleep, call us. If cohort analysis and retention curves are your jam, ping us. If comps and valuations soothe you, let’s zen out. If market sizing appeals to you, shoot us a note. If cap tables and waterfalls excite you, let’s get the party started. At OMERS Ventures, you will encounter many species of businesses – from your standard-issue SaaS to your more sophisticated tech-enabled services, to esoteric fin-tech models (hello, insurance and real estate!). Every once in a while, we’ll throw in an ecomm or a consumer deal just to keep everyone on their toes.

This role is structured to be a pre-MBA/graduate program of approximately 2-3 years where you will gain a deep understanding of what it means to be a venture capitalist. We’re looking for someone eager to learn the art of venture capital and ultimately make the leap into operating roles – and we pride ourselves on both mentorship and our dedication to supporting that transition.

We promise you a lot of diversity – diversity of projects, diversity of people, diversity of thought, diversity of style, and diversity of fun. We work hard but also play hard, and you’ll know from the first set of interviews if this place is for you because we wear our culture on our sleeves.

This is a hybrid role with our Palo Alto office, your home, our portfolio companies’ offices, and the road being where you work. For avoidance of doubt, this is not a “chain you to your desk, five days a week” job, nor is it a “sit in front of your computer at home all week” job either. You will learn from doing things and from IRL osmosis via your colleagues. And ultimately, you will have a voice in many decisions. Your analysis will be critical in all facets of our game and your contributions will be as valued as any other team members’ contributions.

So if this piques your interest, contact Marissa Moore – as the first step. We’ve never hired from central casting before and we don’t intend to this time either.