VC Analyst @ Nina Capital in Barcelona, Spain

Nina Capital


We are looking for a bright professional driven to meaningfully improve healthcare, who blends exceptionally high intellectual curiosity with kindness, humility, positivity, interpersonal intelligence, and a passion for learning and making things happen.

The person joining us will work with our investment team to support the full deal process—from sourcing, screening, to analyzing opportunities for investment in preseed and seed stage health techs across Europe, the United States, Canada, and Israel, consistently with our values, philosophy, and process, in a collaborative team-based environment.

On our wish list are:

  • technical degree (BS or MS) especially from the following disciplines:

    • bioengineering; medical engineering

    • computer science; electrical engineering; information technology

  • demonstrated passion and experience in healthcare, for example by internships/work experience in:

    • health tech startups, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, or specialized consulting firms

  • some relevant experience even if for only a couple of years:

    • first experience as an analyst at another VC, CVC, FO, TTO, or

    • former startup founder, best if in a fundraising capacity, or

    • previous work at an accelerator, interfacing with startups

  • strong communication skills:​

    • both verbal and written—samples of previous writing work are appreciated​

The position is based in Barcelona, Spain, where the investment team works out of the same physical office, and it requires relocation if you are not already living in our amazing city. We welcome and desire international applicants. The language spoken in our day-to-day work is English; even though some knowledge of Spanish will help you have a strong start, it is not required. However and to qualify for the position, candidates must be EU nationals, or, non-EU nationals with the freedom to live and work in the EU. (More information on living and working in Spain here.)

how to apply

Please send us your CV and a short email explaining why you’re interested in the role, one or two experiences or projects in your background that you feel are most relevant (and a startup in health tech you’re most excited about!). We will respond to every qualified applicant. To increase your chances, you might want to be introduced to us by a relevant person in the venture-backed ecosystem. If that’s not possible, you can reach out to us at

We look forward to hearing from you.