VC Analyst @ Luckbox in Remote


Job Description : VC Analyst – Part time and full time.

Benefits :

  • Opportunity to work alongside sharpest minds having 100+ yr of cumulative experience in the fintech industry and global public markets, going from 0 to 100.
  • Managing huge amounts of money and immense amounts of data.
  • End to end work on a deal, to go from talking to the founders, evaluating their business models and strategies and learning to make an opinion on them.
  • Swift-paced, dynamic and exciting ecosystem involving continuous real time decision making.

Responsibilities :

  • Sourcing New Deals : Finding and screening deals. Expected to bring an ambitious, sales-like mentality to this task, oftentimes sourcing potential deals by cold calling companies and entrepreneurs in order to set up meetings. The deals can alternatively be sourced from the network as well. Finally presenting the deals to partners.
  • Due Diligence, possible future earnings modeling and execution on existing deals brought from other sources.
  • Track key companies in tech, blockchain, ESG and other business sectors.
  • Assist GP’s in reviewing and evaluating deals.

Key Qualities :

  • Good in understanding and evaluating tech, product and people. Strong
  • Analytical aptitude.
  • Network builder
  • Hustle mentality
  • Strong communication and social skills
  • Team player

Good To Have:

  • Experience working with startups
  • Previous experience in VC
  • Blockchain knowledge